4/11 Soler ejected

Top prospect Jorge Soler was ejected from Daytona’s 14-9 loss to Clearwater on Wednesday after an incident in the seventh inning. Clearwater second baseman Carlos Alonso came down on Soler after he slid into second trying to break up a double play. Soler and Alonso exchanged words and were then separated. But Soler re-emerged from the Cubs dugout with a bat and made his way toward the visitor’s dugout. He was restrained by teammates, then ejected.

“I think he was frustrated by some things and there was some emotional things he was fighting with,” Daytona manager Dave Keller told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “Why he did that, I don’ tknow. I think he was frustrated by what happened.

“When he slid into second base, [Alonso] ended up laying on top of him. He was laying on him, so [Soler] pushed with his arm to get him off him, and I think the second baseman interpreted that the wrong way, like he wanted to fight or something.”


Maybe the Blackhawks should have drafted him….

Very disappointing news!!! I don’t think we need this kind of person on our team no matter how good a player he is. Sounds like nothing but trouble to me. Who knows when his fuse will blow again? I think he should be signed up for an “Anger Management Class” before we ever bring him up to Wrigley. Not only for his baseball life but for his personal life this young man needs help.

o for cryin out loud….. you want this guy to go thru anger management and write him off because he got mad? It never says he swung at them or anything like that… he just had a bat in his hands WHY? IDK its the heat of the moment… he will learn from this and serve his suspension and move on. Good grief why does everyone on here have such a quick trigger to judge some one. We don’t know what was said and most on here didn’t see it happen (except maybe mama because he is god and see everything… NOT) One incident doesn’t mean this is how the kid is. As long as he is a good teammate then this doesn’t hurt the team at all.

A good teammate would not be approaching the other bullpen with a bat in his hand and anger in his mind. AND speaking of anger – you could use an “Anger Management Class” yourself. Your anger and insulting remarks against Mamma Mia and the rest of us is as unacceptable as Soler’s anger on the field.

White, these guys can learn a lot about being civil from you. Hope you’re having a good day!

your teammate is not the other team…. and how do you know the 2B who stepped on Soler didn’t say or do something to anger him? You seriously think he did this because he is crazy? I don’t…. i only insult on here when someone posts stupid shit… you say stupid stuff and im goign to be all over you because its that ignorance that gives the Cubs a bad name.

Thanks, Joey. You have a good day, too. I sure hope we get to watch a game today.

Well, the game started…..not a very good feed to Feldman from Rizzo….and Feldman did not get off the mound quick enough. But at least we get to watch our Cubs today in this miserable weather.

Petrey is seething at the mouth again!!! Boy oh boy oh boy. Wish we could eject YOU from this blog. YOUR ignorance is beyond measure and I am so sick and tired of YOUR VENOM. Have a good seething day Petrey.

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