4/12 Barney to get Gold Glove today

Darwin Barney will finally get to hold the Gold Glove trophy.

The Cubs second baseman, who won the award for his stellar play last season, was presented the trophy prior to Friday’s game against the Giants.

“It’ll be good to actually see it,” Barney said. “It’s exciting to get it and start the campaign for a new one.”

Does he have a spot at home for the trophy?

“I kind of plan on holding it for a couple days,” he said, smiling. “My wife will have to move to the couch for a couple days.”

He’s kidding, Lindsay.

“Last year is over and done with,” Barney said. “You can reflect on that when the time comes. Right now, my focus now is getting my mind and everything ready for Tuesday or Monday, whichever day I play.”

Barney begins a Minor League rehab assignment on Saturday with Triple-A Iowa, and if all goes well, he will rejoin the Cubs on Tuesday. He’s on the disabled list with a left knee laceration suffered March 30 when he slid into the right field wall at Minute Maid Park. He got the stitches removed on Friday.

“I feel like I’m ready now,” Barney said. “I felt like I was ready a few days ago. It’s just a matter of getting that first slide out of the way. I’ve kept my arm in shape. I’ve seen pitches. It wasn’t an injury that I couldn’t go and do things. I could still be active. I feel I’ll be ready for when I come back.”

Couldn’t he pick someplace warmer to rehab?

“They left it up to me, and [Class A] Daytona was thunderstorms all weekend,” Barney said. “[Double-A] Tennessee is probably the best weather. I decided on Iowa. It’s going to be cold here, so might as well get some at-bats with your hands frozen so you’re ready when you come back.”

— Carrie Muskat


AWESOME! Will he dedicate it to Isabel? …. Or White? The suspense!!!

Definitely to White. He respects his elders!! And he knows I am the real “babe” in this contest.
Sorry, Isabel, maybe you can get the next one!

I’ve alerted security at Wrigley.

Where’s Soler when we need him???

Joey, Joey, Joey — you are so bad! LOL

who wants to bet me he doesn’t win it this year?

Ah, the Barney basher has reared his ugly head yet again. On just about every post I have read today Petrey finds one way or another to bash Barney. Tiresome little fly in the ointment. If Barney wins the GG again that will be nice. If he doesn’t win it this year we all know that he will have played a great 2nd base. Petrey must have a “Barney Obsession” ?

You are FUNNY White!!! God bless you.

Grats Barney. Looking forward to seeing you back in the lineup.

Joey obviously he’s going to dedicate it to his family, but I’m second on his list! Sorry White😛

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