4/12 Cubs lineup

Steve Clevenger gets a rare start at third base on Friday for the Cubs in the second game of their four-game series against the defending world champion Giants. Clevenger is 1-for-5 against Matt Cain, and did play one inning at third on Thursday. Carlos Villanueva gets the start. If you’re coming to the game, bundle up.

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Clevenger 3B
Valbuena 2B
Villanueva P

— Carrie Muskat


Clevenger at 3B….the desperation for offense has peaked. I hope Clevenger’s bat comes through, not confident about his defense at 3B though. What a sorry position this organization is in. We truly have nothing going for us except the long range plan…which is honestly a refreshing change of pace from bygone regimes.
I wonder if Clevenger can play other positions where we have YET TO GET ONE SINGLE RBI….

Years from now, we can all laugh about how bad the Cubs were, and admire our World Series trophies.

Eeeeeks. I feel compelled to say “step back from the ledge”. Nightmare is a bit overdramatic. Soler is a couple of years at least away from the bigs. The minor leagues is for learning some major league mental skills as well as physical skills. I don’t think _anyone_ should be given as many chances as Zambrano, but everyone should be given more than one. I’m not worried until Soler shows a larger pattern of idiocy, instead of one isolated act. Athletes aren’t all saints, not matter how much people wish they were. 5 days is nothing in the larger scheme of Soler’s minor league career – and gives him some time to learn an important lesson. We’ve squandered some good starts, but we’ve had a few bad ones too. Feldman and Jackson in particular haven’t been great. I’m much happier with the rotation this year compared to last year though. The bullpen has been inconsistent, of course we expected that with Marmol. Castro is going to make errors, often on routine plays (while making spectacular ones). It is what it is. I don’t think he’s our future SS anyway. Possibly 3B, or (don’t hate me Barney fans) 2B. I could envision a Lake, Baez, Castro, Rizzo infield (I’ll continue the dream with Soler/Jackson/Almora OF – maybe Barney at 2B and Castro in the OF if that will keep the Barney fans from hating me), although the smart money says either Lake or Baez don’t pan out – many prospects don’t. I’ve never cared about attendance – and it doesn’t embarrass me to see empty seats. The Cubs are one of a handful of teams who will never worry too much about attendance. At it’s worst it will be in the middle of the league. Crappy weather in April will hurt a lot of northern teams.
Anyway, it’s way too early to be that worried about this team – unless you were expecting a playoff contender… This is about what I expected. The Cubs will probably lose 90+ games. It’s raining here in North Carolina (man I miss Chicago), but I can see the sun poking it’s head out from behind the clouds. I’m rooting for the Cubs like I do every year, and seeing progress in the future stars of the organization. It’s only April 12th, it’s early yet. It won’t be as bad as last year.
I know you love the Cubs and I love the passion Mamma, but step back from the ledge, have a seat (there’s plenty to choose from) with me, crack open a can of cool, refreshing mood stabilizer and enjoy the game! Go Cubbies! I’ll step off my soap box now🙂

A shame you miss Chicago rd. Maybe if somebody breaks into your car and steals your stuff you will feel better? Just kidding! It’s what I tell my associates in Florida all the time🙂 And thanks for talking Mamma in from the ledge, he’s too valuable to this blog!!!

Lol, I had my alpine deck stolen in Schaumburg. Never had anything stolen when I lived downtown… but the roving bands in the burbs got me. The people out here on the coast are confused when I roll my eyes after someone complains about traffic or weather.

I’m glad you took my remark with some humor as that is what I intended. You must have friends ship you Italian beef and pizza no doubt!! Right?

CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!!!! Wow. That was more excitement than I needed today! No easy relaxing wins for us. But oh what fun! I like Clevenger at 3rd. Nothing wrong there. He did a great job. Fuji sent me for the chocolate AND my kitty song. All in all a good day! Eamus Catuli

W in the end. stressful game though. and what happened to giving Soriano a day off every few days to rest his knee. maybe try schierholtz at 3rd and Rizzo at clean up. having such a short leash on Marmol and letting Soriano run wild just seems strange to me.

I’m sorry did I say run wild? I guess limp wild would be more accurate. Or maybe just a light jog wild. either way I think they both need to be sat down.

The hipocrosy and kid gloves afforded Soriano is nauseating.

they all can swing the bat but contact is a problem

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