4/14 Cubs sign Gregg

The Cubs have signed right-handed pitcher Kevin Gregg to a Minor League deal. Gregg, 34, Was released earlier this year by the Dodgers. The right-hander did pitch for the Cubs in 2009, totaling 23 saves and a 4.72 ERA. In 10 seasons, he has played for the Angels, Marlins, Cubs, Blue Jays and Orioles, and has a career 4.13 ERA, 28-38 record and 144 saves. Gregg signed a Minor League deal with the Dodgers in February but was released April 3. He will report to extended Spring Training in Mesa. This spring with the Dodgers, Gregg appeared in 11 games, and gave up one run on three hits over 11 innings, striking out five. He did not walk a batter.

— Carrie Muskat


I have been behind all the moves Theo and Co. have made (except maybe bringing back Stewart) But this is just baffling. Why do we need another BAD closer Or even another Bad arm in the bullpen . I only hope he stays in the minors .

It is beginning to look like Theos success in Boston was a fluke, these Cubs are horrible worse than the Cubs of the 70’s and now bringing back a washed up pitcher?

Harold, I hope you give Theo a few years. One must realize he IS building a quality organization from the ground up and all the stuff you (we) see at the major league level is simply there just to field a team for 162 game schedule, nothing more. There are no aspiatations for BEING GOOD…YET. But, it’s coming from the minor league system. This is agonizing to watch yet very refreshing at the same time…IT IS NEEDED. No more Hendry style blunders year in and year out at the major league level all the while prettty much neglecting the minors. I hope you hang in there friend!

Well, it’s just a minor league contract. If he gets hit around, he gets released, and it’s not a big deal. If he’s pitching well, it lets the Cubs keep guys like Rusin starting in the minors, instead of filling out the bullpen in case of more injuries. There isn’t a lot (any?) of major league ready pitching talent in the organization as everyone knows.
I prefer to think of this as a positive – Villanueva has been surprisingly good… and looks like he has no intention of heading back to the bullpen as I’m sure the Cubs were counting on.
The way the bullpen is melting down, I don’t care if they bring back Ryan Dempster for a second stint as closer as long as I don’t have to cover my eyes while watching the 8th and 9th innings any more.🙂

I think if the Cubs brought back Dempster AS A CLOSER there would not be as much head scratching as there is with the Gregg signing a minor league deal. But you bring up a good point similar to how I addressed Harold above….nothing really matters about these “warm bodies” Hoystein is acquiring because they are not being signed TO WIN ANYTHING, just to fill roles allowing other, younger, more promising players to remain in THEIR ROLE. Good point.

How is this a bad thing? A Minor League contract!! He is signed, a veteran presense at AAA. A ex closer who may help Iowa, someone the younger guys can talk too, listen to stories, maybe learn something.
As joey said, filling holes or a closer to help the younger starters at AAA.

There you go joey, excellent post. As a Cubs fan, I am looking forward to the Draft, the trade deadline and watching who will be part of the team the end of next year and 2015.
I am hoping for guys like Baker ( when he comes back ) Villanueava, Feldman, Navarro, Soriano, Garza, Marmol, to have decent seasons, for a possible trade bringing a valued prospect or two.
Thats really all the hope I have as a Cub fan this year.

Agreed, however if Villanueava keeps it up wouldn’t you rather sign him for a few more years?
And don’t forget Navarro is still relativley young, I would like to see him stick around for a few years as well helping Castillo and preventing a similar “Koyie Hill” situation….gag. Although I like Castillo a lot, we shoudn’t put all our eggs in his basket, he may need some time off down the road.

I understand what your saying, my view is; What can they get in return? If a playoff team needs a Navarro, playoff experience, very good bat when healthy, what are they willing to give up? Same with Villanueva.
Now if Management thinks these two could be major parts in 2015, I see that point as well.

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