4/16 Cubs roster moves

The Cubs made several roster moves Tuesday. Brent Lillibridge and Hisanori Takahashi were both designated for assignment, and the Cubs claimed Cody Ransom off waivers. Kevin Gregg and Kameron Loe will both be in the bullpen Tuesday, taking the place of Takahashi and Rafael Dolis, who was optioned to Iowa on Sunday.

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer made the announcement, saying they wanted more experience at the end of the bullpen. Takahashi was considered more of a long man. Loe also gives the Cubs a sinkerball style of pitcher which they didn’t have.

Officially, Loe was added to the roster, Gregg selected, for those keeping track.

Ransom, 37, can help at third base. A career .215 hitter, he also can backup at short if needed.

“Even when [Ian] Stewart comes back, we need someone who can hit right-handed [pitching],” Hoyer said of Ransom. “He’s a good athlete, can play a little bit of shortstop and has had success in his past hitting left-handed pitching.”

Lillibridge was 1-for-24 so far, and Hoyer said it’s too small a sample to judge.

“If you start making decisions based on 12 games, then you’re probably making a lot of bad decisions,” Hoyer said. “We felt the versatility and defense Ransom brings, it’s an upgrade.”

— Carrie Muskat


I can’t say I am sorry to see Lillibridge go but who is Cody Ransom. Why are we calling up a 37 year old with a low batting average? Can someone explain this to me?

Who else is there? Its a season the Cubs wont compete, why make a huge offer to bring Rolen out of retirement?

I am very excited to see how the other Villanueva does at AA this year, he is off to a slow start though.

Glad to see that the Cubs signed another .200 hitting 3B. Just what they need!

Ransom filled in at third for the Skankees several years ago at beginning of season when A-Rod was indisposed for some reason. The juicer is not available at the beginning of this season also.

Isn’t it depressing that Gregg is back for a second go,round with Cubs after the first was a train wreck? Speaks volumes about the talent level of our pitching staff.;,

Hoystein is scrambling to put together a ML team that can at least show up and offer a decent “scrimmage” game for all the other ML teams that we play….and that’s all. There is no thoughts of being good or winning anything this year and we fans KNOW that (or SHOULD!), so come on all let’s just watch the fun and games, the fireworks and the “drama” of Life At Wrigley!!! It’s all part of the plan to curtail payroll, conserve the young guys, keeping them in the minors to develop. We are a long way off from seeing championship caliber ball at the ML level, nothing to do but kick back and wait for a season or two or three and watch Soler, Almora and others come up and complete “The Grand Plan”….oh, wait completing the “The Grand Plan” would THEN be signing a handful of superior free agents to megabuck deals, THEN we will roll into
the WS!!!!!

Effective pitching is the key, joey. All that offensive potential we may or not see develop in future years won`t mean jack if the stellar pitching is not accompanying it.

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