4/16 Theo: Can’t play sloppy ball

It’s only 12 games, but the Cubs aren’t happy with the direction so far.

“It’s been frustrating with the results,” GM Jed Hoyer said. “The wins and losses, they are what they are, and that’s our record, but given some of the production, we should have more wins than we do.”

Cubs relievers entered Tuesday’s game with a 5.82 ERA, which ranks 13th in the National League, while the starters rank fourth in the league with a 3.28 ERA.

“It’s always bad when you can’t close out games,” Hoyer said. “If you want to look for a silver lining, we’ve been in a lot of games and we should’ve won more. If you’re getting blown out night after night and don’t have the talent to compete, I think it would be more frustrating. I think the way we’ve played is probably the most frustrating brand of baseball. There’s nothing worse than winning a game for 2 hours 45 minutes and then losing. I think that starts to wear on a team. As the game goes, the most frustrating brand of baseball is winning for most of the night and losing in the end, and we need to stop that. Obviously, the bullpen needs to tighten up and the defense needs to tighten up, too.”

The Cubs have been charged with 10 errors, third most in the Majors behind the Nationals (12) and Marlins (11).

“We’re off to a slower start than we would’ve liked,” said Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations. “[There’s been] some sloppy play that we need to eradicate sooner rather than later. The bullpen is off to a slow start which can make for some tough losses.

“We’re not that talented that we can get away with playing sloppy ball, so we need to fix that,” Epstein said.

— Carrie Muskat


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Were there not five wild pitches in one inning by our hurlers in Sunday’s contest? That’s unforgiveable. Those pitchers should be tarred and feathered, but they will be coddled instead. Some players need tough love treatment, but this culture not permit it. We gave away sunday’s contest and got what we deserved.

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. I do not know, but the first is injured Zhu Hai city, when he just came out from the box, and then someone shot across

Qiang know this thing inevitable in relation to himself, but he that is a fool if admitted, in that case not be complaining Xu Meng die, and said he may have to compensate the economic losses, before being sent out of the provincial capital, so Qiang decided to put all the blame thing to Zhu Hai city head. Who he wanted Yiyi dirty bear it with him overnight, they want are afraid to say so long, sordid Qiang is also the one.

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