4/17 Rizzo stops by Children’s Hospital


Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo stopped by the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Tuesday to visit with patients and their families. He presented Cubs hats and notebooks to the kids.


Awesome stuff. Very glad to see Rizzo do this and not hang his head because of his low BA. At least he has NINE RBI!!! And these with only a .175 ba?? Wow, imagine if HE had a .275 ba like uh, umm, you know, the RBI-LESS CLEAN UP HITTER.

You know it’s super-awesome that you hate Soriano so much… but geesh it’s tiresome to hear so often – on unrelated news items. Nobody claims he is fantastic, but he’s not complete garbage either. Soriano will be gone in two years or less. And we aren’t going to compete until two years from now anyway. Get over the Soriano hate, just enjoy the ride.🙂

You’re welcome, glad to contribute. It IS PART of the “ride”…

o man thank you so much for saying that… seriously it can’t be said enough

it gets hard to ignore joey after a while… wish there was a mute button for his hendry hate and soriano hate…. its the hand we have been dealt no need to bitch about it every time a post is made

if his BA was higher Soriano’s RBis would be higher…. duh!

Thank you, Rizzo, for visiting the Children’s Hospital! This is something that you Cubs guys do that is a great contribution to the community. Thank you for taking the time to make a group of sick children happy. You rock!

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