4/17 Soler to return Thursday – UPDATE

Jorge Soler’s five-game suspension is over, and he was expected back in Daytona’s lineup on Thursday. Cubs farm director Brandon Hyde told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that’s when Soler would return.

“It’s time for him to get back to playing,” Hyde said.

Soler had been at the Cubs’ extended spring training camp in Mesa, Ariz., after being suspended last week by the Florida State League for “charging” the Clearwater Threshers’ dugout — with bat in hand — last Wednesday night during a game in Daytona. Soler played in games in Mesa on Saturday and Monday, going 1-for-8 with three strikeouts.

Soler, 21, who signed a nine-year $30 million contract with the Cubs last June, was batting .435 with two home runs and four RBIs before the incident.

Daytona manager Dave Keller told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that he talked to Soler Sunday.

“I called him to say ‘hi’ and let him know that I was thinking of him,” Keller told the News-Journal. “He told me he was doing good, and he must have thanked me four or five times for calling him. Other guys on the team have called him to let him know they were thinking of him, too.”

Keller said he looked forward to Soler rejoining the Daytona Cubs.

“I like Jorge, and from a baseball standpoint and a development standpoint, I’d love to have him back, because he was doing some really good things on the field,” Keller said. “There’s a lot of good things that are potentially going to happen with this guy.”

— Carrie Muskat


That is all spin we are getting from the Cubs`management. Keller is sucking up to Soler because he knows he has to work with the young man in the future. I hope a shrink is working with Jorge in Mesa and accompanies him to Florida, assuming Soler returns to Daytona. We do not want him cracking someone`s skull and winding up incarcerated the way Gracie is.

I respectfully disagree. What else is Keller/Cubs to do? This is a YOUNG man with just one terrible lapse in judgment, no need to compound the issue. He should turn out OK with some guidance which Keller is apt to provide (he is not sucking up). This kid is a big part of our future and the last thing we need is to assume he is prone to “skull cracking” and will take to the bottle like Grace. We should let this play out, put the one incident behind us and PULL for the kid…we need him at Wrigley within a few years.

o shut up man Jorge didn’t crack any skulls or even swing the bat… you guys on here light your torches and get your pitch forks more than Jorge Soler grabs a bat in the dugout… RELAX he is fine… just because someone shows rage when he gets stepped on and abused at 2B then gets called stuff we can only imagine doesn’t mean he is a fruit cake… i mean why aren’t we calling a psychiatrist for joey’s mental disability? Or Mamma lying tendencies?

Right again. I think we may have found our fruitcake. He doesn’t seem to be a big fan of yours even though he is agreeing with you.

I agree with yourself, sir. petrey dish is a know-it-all horse`s ass.

thank you… i know quite a bit but idk if I know it all… ill take it tho

omg… that is a HUGE insult to all the horses…comparing those poor creatures behinds to the lowest lifeform…

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