4/18 Cubs lineup

Maybe the rain will stay away long enough for the Cubs to finish the series against the Rangers Thursday. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Valbuena 3B
Barney 2B

After this series, the Cubs travel to Milwaukee, where they have a roof.

— Carrie Muskat


Valbueno is looking better all the time. Some really great plays today. I like it!!!

SORIANO HOMERED!!! WOO HOO!!! Good for him, nice to see him start earning his pay and a lot sooner than last year too. Every little bit helps toward a miraculous trade later this season.

Hey everyone — Can you believe it? I actually cheered for Marmol today. Wow! No chocolate, no weeping, no “kitty song”. What a grand day!!! Beautiful game.

AND….I actually feel good for Soriano, getting the monkey off his back!! We’ve come a long way White!

Another thing: Russell!!! He is doing a superb job. He slips in there and gets the job done.

o yeah!! good job barney staying 0fer…… why can’t we have more player like him… gee the best player in the MLB because he fields his position well… there isn’t anything else needed………… *sarcasm*

I hereby nominate Petrey to be the new Cub’s manager. His knowledge of baseball is astronomical – the way he understands the unimportance of defense which saves run after run with double play after double play – the way he gives his injured players the chance to get back into the game when they haven’t had a hit for exactly 2 games – he’s the man for the job – would anyone like to second my nomination?

Has anyone noticed Valbuena? Yes he is only hitting 222, but he has 8 walks with that for a OBP of 364. His 1 HR and 5 RBI’s may not be too impressive, but the guy comes to play the game. My hope is he continues just like he is doing, hitting lower in the line up makes it look more impressive to me.
Sherholtz has been more than average OF thus far. He may be the bonus FA signing.
Villanueva, enough said. #1 starter after 3 starts.
Wood, who would have believed his start this year?
Navvaro, not hitting great, but two PH HR’s, one a game winner. My concern here is defense; He had a passed ball and a record setting 5 Wild Pitches in one inning by the Cubs pitching in one inning. Some of those had to be blocked.
Barney is back, thats a positive big time. Sad for Lillibridge, but he showed nothing.
The Cubs have lost three games by the bullpen, maybe 4?? Those three games put them over 500 right now, despite slow starts from Feldman, Soriano, Rizzo, Barney, Marmol, Jackson, Navarro, Hairston, Lillibridge, Camp, so there may be some hope for a decent season once it warms up.
Also must take into consideration after the Pittsburgh series, the next 17 games were against playoff teams from last year. The Cubs have competed. The two rain outs may be in their favor due to the slow start.

Nice comment Jasper, we can hope for only a decent season at best. Valbuena and Schierholtz have been pleasant surprises but only because we set the bar so low?? Just saying that although they have played well to date we dare not say they are capable of the production needed for a good season. But decent, WE’LL TAKE DECENT, right? For now anyway…..but we fans deserve yearly playoff contending teams. Baby steps I suppose is the way to go while developing the minors. I read today that the Cubs should be a primary player for David Price. If we can develop a majority of postion players then the Cubs can SPEND, SPEND, SPEND on quality pitching!!!
Bring us a winner Theo, Jed and Tom!!!!

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