4/23 Cubs lineup

Cody Ransom gets his first start of the season on Tuesday when the Cubs face the Reds and lefty Tony Cingrani at Great American Ball Park. Here’s the lineup:

Sappelt CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castillo C
Hairston RF
Ransom 3B
Barney 2B
Villanueva P


DeJesus is hitting up a storm. Why isn’t he in the lineup? Also Schierholtz? Do we even have another 1st baseman who could give Rizzo a breather? He sure is hitting his homeruns but not getting on base enough to be in the 3 hole. I sure hope he can break out of his slump. I like him alot. Let’s turn this thing around Cubbies. Last night was a fantastic game but too much angst. WOW – you hung in there! Eamus Catuli

Boy White your are starting to nibble on the catnip? We are now satisfied with hanging in there?
Time for some bold moves by the man with the bold words, Svuem. As evidenced by the line up I see Rizzo and Soriano back in the 3 and 4 slots…..Well, it’s just a matter of time I suppose before Rizzo gets above .200 and Soriano gets above 2 RBI. Hoping for the best, expecting the….Cubs.
Maybe Rizzo and Soriano will break out tonight….

White, this is the lineup vs. LH starter, which is why no DeJesus (0-for-5 vs LHP), Schierholtz (1-for-4 vs LHP) are not starting

Carrie, do you also have the stats for Rizzo and Soriano vs. LHP? I would think Soriano’s would be reasonabltgood or better but what about the the lefty Rizzo? Schierholtz and DeJesus are not the only lefties that may need to take a break on the bench….

2012 – .260 BA .831 OPS v LHP – ,263 BA .818 OPS v RHP
2013 – .444 BA 1.029 OPS v LHP – .200 BA .519 OPS v RHP

Rizzo v LHP
2012 – .208 BA .599 OPS v LHP – .318 BA .892 OPS v RHP
2013 – .278 BA .990 OPS v LHP – .160 BA .682 OPS v RHP

The flip-flop in Rizzo’s splits aren’t a typo…. One of the things on the old to-do list for the Cubs this year was to give Rizzo plenty of opportunity to improve against both LHP and RHP. So far, he’s improved vs LHP (only AB) but struggled against RHP. I’m ok with riding Rizzo against all starters. And you’re right, as expected, Soriano is just fine against LHP.

(only 18 AB for rizzo against LHP)

Nice work rd, thanks. That pretty much explains leaving them in there vs. LHP. Although some bench time might still be in order just for the sake of a little mental and physical rest for both of these guys, don’t you think? Have they not played in nearly every game so far? They may deserve a break from the same old same old…..losing….


Thank you, thank you Cubbies! At last a great win. Maybe Petrey can put Barney’s paperbag to good use somewhere else. Just saying.

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