4/23 Extra bases

* David DeJesus’ leadoff home run Monday was the 13th of his career.

* Starlin Castro singled in the third to extend his hitting streak to 14 games, tops in the Major Leagues and matching his career high.

* Carlos Marmol threw two scoreless innings, and now has six straight scoreless outings dating to April 8.

* Luis Valbuena has hit safely in nine of his last 13 games.

* Cubs starting pitchers rank third in the NL with a 3.11 ERA, but they have a 3-10 record. The relievers rank 12th in the NL with a 4.86 ERA. The team is batting .147 with runners in scoring position.

* Matt Garza will make a Minor League rehab start Wednesday for Double-A Tennessee, weather permitting.

* Ian Stewart was 1-for-3 with two RBIs Monday for Triple-A Iowa, and now is 2-for-20 in six games.

* On Tuesday, Carlos Villanueva faces Tony Cingrani at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.

— Carrie Muskat


Stewart will save us. He and Soriano will carry the entire team on their backs all the way to a 5th or 6th place finish. How about seeing Sveum find a pair and move Rizzo and Soriano down in the order? Just kick the tires on Schierholtz and Castillo batting 3 & 4 for a little while since they are the hottest hitters, maybe it will loosen up the young Rizzo from some pressure and it will allow the old and coddled Soriano to get some miracle rbi’s in April? You know, since his pathetic run production is not Soriano’s fault because IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO DRIVE IN RUNS WITH NOBODY ON BASE. Duh. How about a little bench time for both Rizzo and Soriano? Just so Sveum could look like he is true to his word? A little wake up call if you will…NOBODY is immune to a benching.

you could complain about anything joey…

Personally, I have always thought rearranging the batting order every week or two based on who’s hot/cold is highly overrated. With the exception of the last couple of games, Soriano has started to hit the ball (and produce some decent atbats even when he doesn’t). He usually starts slow… good god those lineups with both Soriano and Ramirez were awful in April weren’t they… That being said, I could certainly see Sveum making some changes this week.
This stretch of games against quality opponents was going to be tough on this club no matter how good they were playing. I’m just happy Schierholtz and Castillo are hitting – pleasant surprises both of them. Woo!🙂

I certainly did not indicate or advocate rearranging the batting order every week or two, just a temporary “demotion” for both Rizzo and Soriano, both are not producing as 3 and 4 hitters should produce. Combine that with Sveum’s “threats” of demotions and using other options….let’s start with Rizzo and Soriano and hold Sveum to his word. A shake up of some sort is in order if only to speak to Sveum’s authority and resolve. Otherwise he should not use such language as demotions, accountability and other options…..he remains status quo as far as where Rizzo SHOULD bat and where Soriano SHOULD bat. Maybe Rizzo’s time as “the best hitter” in the lineup (three batter) has not YET arrived but Sveum (and Hoystein?) has him in the 3 hole come hell or high water and God forbid they slight the Awesome Soriano by dropping him down in the order (or benching) for a few days allowing Schierholtz and Castillo the opportunity for some RBI

I certainly didn’t say or imply that you wanted to change the order every couple of weeks, I was stating that I don’t like to change the order too frequently… but I DID say that I could see Sveum shaking up the order this week (now that we’re more than a couple of weeks into the season…) I love your passion about the Cubs, but take a breath… so you hopefully live long enough to see the Cubs win🙂

lol nice

Can we flip Castillo and Soriano in the lineup, please?

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