4/23 Extra bases

* Cody Ransom made the most of his Cubs debut. He homered on the first pitch he saw, and is the first Cubs player to hit a home run in his first at-bat since Starlin Castro did so on May 7, 2010, also in Cincinnati. Ransom also homered in his first at-bat with the Yankees in 2008.

* Carlos Villanueva now has a 1.53 ERA in four starts, and has four quality starts.

* Starlin Castro’s 14-game hitting streak came to an end. He went 0-for-4.

* Dave Sappelt, Alfonso Soriano and Julio Borbon each stole a base for the Cubs, and finished with four as Soriano swiped two in one inning. The four stolen bases by the team is a season high.

* Kevin Gregg picked up his first save since Sept. 24, 2011.


Kevin Gregggggggg come on down! You’re the next contestant on Don’t Blow That Save! Woooooooooooooooooooooo. I’ll go with $1 Bob!

well joey how can you be negative on soriano this game?

No mention of Barney’s game winning homerun? This was THAT game right? He now has one before Soriano? What a little powerhouse, gold glove wielding second baseman we have! He now has half as many home runs (as does the newly acquired Ransom) AND RBI’s as our CLEAN UP hitter and all this with less than one third the AB’s and after an injury put him out of commission for a while and batting in the 8 hole! Oh but I forgot, this is April so it is NOT FAIR to criticize the All Mighty One as HIS season doesn’t begin until May. Besides, his stolen bases more than makes up for his lack of clutch hitting and run production, WE NEED SORIANO TO STEAL BASES, DUH. No wonder Hoystein’s mounumental effort for trading him is fruitless. Hey, how about moving the lightning fast, clean up hitting, base stealing, RBI machine Soriano to the number two hole and let Castro drive HIM in??? Hey, it beats a benching. Or dare we lead off the second coming of Ricky Henderson? The possibilities are now limitless with such a VERSATILE player as Soriano!!! Woo hoo! Go Soriano, go!!

no its april and a small sample size…. but way to try a work the stats the way you want them to work…. everything you say is correct in your own mind… problem is there is nothing in the real world to back it up

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