4/23 Hoyer: We’re in this together

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said he and Theo Epstein share in the team’s poor start, and Hoyer made a trip to Cincinnati to give manager Dale Sveum a vote of confidence. Hoyer said Sveum, now in his second season at the helm, has their “full support” and the 5-13 start is not because of the Cubs manager.

“We’re all in this together,” Hoyer said Tuesday. “We’ve struggled, it’s been painful to watch because we keep on squandering leads. That’s on Theo and that’s on me. We have to figure out ways to get better. We’re not the most talented team in the league right now. We’re trying to build to get there but as we get there, we can’t continue to make the kind of mistakes we’ve been making. We have to clean it up and get better. Dale has our complete support. That’s not what he should be thinking about in the least.”

The Cubs rank among the NL leaders in errors and have the worst batting average with runners in scoring position. The miscues were evident during the Brewers’ weekend three-game sweep when the Cubs out-hit them, 22-16. Sveum said they would find other options if players didn’t perform.

“The point Dale is trying to make, and I support him 100 percent, is that at some point there has to be accountability,” Hoyer said. “If that means benching a guy or reducing his playing time, disciplining him in some ways, at some point, [Sveum] has to be able to pull the strings he has to pull to manage the team successfully and obviously, he has our total support to do that. He’s got a great feel for the clubhouse, players respect him, and if he needs to do something to emphasize his point, then he has to do that.”

The Cubs have wasted solid pitching. The starters have a 3.11 ERA combined, third best in the National League. But the Cubs have been able to drive in just eight of the 28 players on third with less than two outs. The Major League average is 52 percent. The team isn’t doing the little things, such as advancing runners.

“Our starting pitching has been real good and if you had told me we were going to hit the number of home runs we have and have the kind of starting pitching we have, we should have a much better record,” Hoyer said. “We should have a much better record regardless.”

Hoyer and Epstein have communicated with Sveum a lot over the last few days, but the general manager felt he needed to meet with the manager and the team face to face.

“We know how hard he’s working and we’re having a lot of sleepless nights as we go through it, and we know he is as well,” Hoyer said. “We’re in this together. The front office doesn’t watch the games and think things are happening on the field that shouldn’t be. We’re in this together. We have to figure out how to play smarter baseball, whether that means making personnel changes, whether that means tightening up the players we have here, it goes without saying that we have to do better.”

What the Cubs front office is looking for is progress.

“The biggest thing for us, and this is Theo, me and everyone, we have to keep getting better,” Hoyer said. “I think we have a better team this year than last year. We haven’t played that way yet. We’re building toward something.”

He said the Reds are a good example of a team that is relying primarily on homegrown talent. That’s what the Cubs want to do.

“You want to see progress,” Hoyer said. “It’s a black and white business — our report card is in the paper every day, and you have to look at it that way. Wins and losses, that’s how we’re measured. … I think that’s part of why all of us are frustrated. We have played better than our record so far. As Bill Parcells said, ‘You are what you are,’ and we are 5-13, you can’t deny that. Feeling we played better doesn’t mean anything. We have to be better at converting these games to wins.”

— Carrie Muskat


Why not sit Soriano for a game? he is the oldest player on the team & is struggling to get a hit when the team needs it.Give him a day off and let Hariston play

look soriano is not the problem… you can’t put this ALL on ONE person… is soriano hitting well with RISP? NO absolutely not but Soriano is batting 283 and those hits will start to come with RISP. The fact is RIzzo has been WAY WORSE with RISP…. why is nobody calling for his head? Rizzo = .105 with RISP…… .105!!!!!!! Soriano isn’t much better at .133 but it is better is it not?

Why Hoyer would think this team should be much better even with the good starting pitcher is ridiculous. HE is the GM, and should know more than anybody the type of roster he put together. Sure they are building toward something….NOT this year and more than likely not next year. But to think THIS roster should be more supportive of the good starting pitching they achieved is nuts. There is NO run production from the clean up hitter and Hoyer knew there wouldn’t be at least in April, there is NO hitting threat from our no. 3 hitter Rizzo and Hoyer should have known Rizzo may have needed more time before anointing him the best hitter on the team, there is no run production from third base from Valbuena or any other warm body….HOW COULD HOYER NOT HAVE KNOWN THAT? Really, what roster is he looking at? The same one us fans see? (the outfield is basically AAAA players) They need to stop the mantra of “we need to get better” and resign themselves to knowing this is currently a bad team, the fans know it and we also know it will be a few years so if the need to get better is paramount to Hoyer then he really has no choice other than to IMPROVE THE ROSTER. I mean, when we get a game winning home run from our little gold glove second baseman BEFORE our clean up hitter has one…..well, that tells the story. Besides the anemic offense not helping the very good (and surprising?) starting pitching…does Hoyer not understand the bullpen is a mess? Good starting pitching + No run support + no bullpen help = LOSSES. Maybe Hoyer needs a new calculator… These people are better off saying NOTHING to the media rather than the garbage they spew as if us fans are ignorant of what talented ballplayers look like.

but in fact this team is better than last year… its pretty hard to be worse than last year…. we won’t lose 100 games this year…. but we will lose around 90… so thats better correct?

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Cubs fans need to realize they are in for another lousy season. Theo hasn’t worked his magic yet. The Cubs finally get good starting pitching & the bullpen is terrible & they can’t hit. Marmol pitches well in middle relief, but is afraid to throw a strike in a save situation. They aren’t going to win many games when the best they can do at 3B is a combination of players with a .215 average & no power whatsoever. Don’t try to fool the fans. Everyone knows they are watching a AAA team at best. Cubs ownership continues to take the fans’ money while putting an inferior product on the field. It’s been this way for years – no matter who owned the team.

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