4/24 Cubs vs. Marlins

The Cubs open a four-game series Thursday night in Miami against the Marlins. Here are the pitching matchups:

Thursday: RHP Edwin Jackson (0-3, 4.84) vs. RHP Kevin Slowey (0-2, 1.90)
Friday: RHP Scott Feldman (0-3, 4.50) vs. LHP Wade LeBlanc (0-3, 6.27)
Saturday: LHP Travis Wood (1-1, 2.08) vs. RHP Alex Sanabia (2-2, 5.09)
Sunday: RHP Carlos Villanueva (1-0, 1.53) vs. RHP Ricky Nolasco (1-2, 3.81)


Did not see or hear today`s game in real time and am glad. Sounds as though it was a frustrating one. Smardz and all the starting pithers have legitimate reasons to sue for non-support. Cubs have one of best starting pitching era`s in NL behind Braves and whoeer is second, Nats? Here`s the thing though that we Cubs fans can be optimistic about. We face a team this weekend that sucks even more than we. I expect the Cubs to make hay this weekend. And I can make the case that the gods are even against us, as I was led to believe today`s game had excellent chance of being a rainout, but NOOOOOOOOO. That is depressing and deflating.

Mamma, thanks for that. Do you see our bats coming alive anytime soon? This is downright depressing. I recall you commenting in ST that Rizzo looked awful vs. southpaws, and I`m seeing exactly what you meant. He demonstrates weak swings vs. lefties.

To elucidate my earlier comment re: NL starting pitching. It`s the Braves and Cards who rank ahead of Cubs in era.

Any contact probably ties the game. Soriano? Man he is worth every penny, especially in the clutch. Svuem should have put the second coming of Ricky Henderson (just a reminder that Soriano stole TWO BASES IN ONE GAME!!! Worth his weight in gold I tell ya’) in as the pinch runner and let Travis Wood pinch hit. All the while more capable contact hitters sit and watch…..sigh….what a brain fart from Svuem. But he is towing the co. line and sticking with Soriano, failure after failure. So much for “options”. He STOLE TWO BASES IN ONE GAME!! So proud of our CLEAN UP hitter. Duh. Hey, maybe he should call up Adam Dunn and tell him to make up for his .100 average by stealing bases…who needs Runs Batted In when
meaningless stolen bases are available?

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