4/24 Extra bases

Dale Sveum will still rely on the best matchup in determining his closer. On Tuesday, Kevin Gregg picked up the save, and is one of the options. So is Carlos Marmol, who lost the job after the first week of the season.

“I didn’t say [Marmol] would not be the closer,” Sveum said Wednesday. “I said it would come down to matchups.”

Gregg’s save was his first since 2011.

“Today was an awesome feeling,” Gregg said after Tuesday’s game. “I really enjoy that. That’s a lot of weight on your shoulders when you’re out there making pitches in that situation. I love that pressure, I love what comes with it, of what comes from being able to carry home a victory for the team.”

* Kyuji Fujikawa, on the disabled list with a strained right forearm, is throwing from 135 feet on flat ground, and has yet to throw a bullpen session. He is doing his rehab in Chicago.

* Ian Stewart was 0-for-4 with two strikeouts on Tuesday in a rehab start for Triple-A Iowa. Stewart is coming back from a strained left quad, suffered Feb. 21 in an intrasquad game. In seven games, he’s 2-for-24 with a double and three RBIs.

* Alfonso Soriano singled and stole two bases in the second inning on Tuesday night, but after swiping third, the Cubs veteran took a brief time out.

“I was fine,” Soriano said Wednesday. “I steal second and third on two pitches, and at age 37, I think I need a little time. Thank God, I’m feeling good. At 37, I needed extra time. I took my extra time to breathe. I can’t remember the last time I had two sprints like that.”

The last time was August 2008. Soriano stole two bases in one inning twice that month, the last one on Aug. 25 that year against the Pirates. Don’t expect him to be putting together another 40-stolen base season, though.

“I feel good in my legs,” Soriano said. “If I have a chance to steal the base, I’m going to try to do it to make the game easier for my teammates and try to score some runs. We have a very good team. I want to try to take what they give me. If they give me a stolen base, I’ll take a stolen base.”

— Carrie Muskat


Soriano runs approximately 100 feet and he’s winded? Somebody better put a wheelchair near the dugout. Where’ the trainers report? If he’s that out of shape, someone is not doing there job. Another clue as to why fans can’t figure out what the hell is going out there as Vince Lombardi used to say. Villanueva deserved a chance to close out the game, but Sveum is a master of double-speak. No left- hander was warming up or used. The baseball gods smiled with this win knowing that down the road, this kind of managing will break the hearts of Cubs fans. And you can take that to the bank!

again all your comments show you guys have no clue about being in baseball shape… have any of you here played competitive baseball past junior high? Baseball players are not in the shape that basketball and football players are. Stealing two bases in that amount of time for a 37 yr old is going to make them huff and puff plain and simple… heck joey probably huff and puff harder after his long winded crazy talk than soriano does stealing a base… problem is we can’t get him to take a time out and figure out what the hell he is talking about

Glad to see Ian Stewart is off to such a great start at AAA!

He is our savior Michael! Can you imagine the unstoppable force created when Stewart and Soriano are back to back in the line up??? The Cardinals and Reds are stitching up their white flags as we speak!!

He is our savior Michael! Can you imagine the unstoppable force created when Stewart and Soriano are back to back in the line up??? The Cardinals and Reds are stitching up their white flags as we speak!!

Sorry about the double post, my breathing spasms caused me to hit the post comment tab twice.

Soriano is such a gracious teammate no Mamma? He is now going to risk being winded and steal bases in order to make it easier on his teammates….yeesh, since he’s not driving in runs he is now going to be the base stealing threat that is missing on this team? Alfonso “Campana” Soriano….LOOK OUT NL CENTRAL!!! THere’s no stopping this juggernaut major leauger capable of stealing TWO BASES….IN ONE GAME (with Corky Miller catching, that is)!! Why he may even challenge Barney for the team lead in game winning homeruns!! (I mean when HIS season actually starts….)

Are you clueless Mamma? I don’t think you are clueless in fact I think you DID understand my comment meant that Soriano is patting himself on the back for stealing two bases in one game at 37 (maybe) years old? And while that is such a PROUD ACCOMPLISHMENT for ANY 37 (maybe) year old ATHLETE it is not something to crow about when said ATHLETE is the CLEAN UP HITTER and should be driving in runs, NOT stealing bases. But as Soriano stated he will gladly take what is given him including stolen bases. Nothing however can match what Hendry and the previous regime GAVE him. Hold on….huff, sigh, puff, gag…better now that I strapped on my oxygen mask. And nothing can match the fun reading how one little insignificant lowly life form STILL can’t get a handle on his/her concept of sarcasm, humor, wit and most of all civility. Priceless entertainment that lasts all day long…. All this may be a moot point as May is just a few days away and Soriano’s season will begin to take shape and believe it or not I am pulling for him to have a couple of monster months (uh…RBI, not GAME WINNING stolen bases) as it will increase the chance of trading him from “zero” to “snow ball in hell”.
By the way, have you ever complained about the Almighty Soriano NOT being in “baseball shap”? Didn’t think so as there is no doubt he is in “baseball” shape, just not producing. Kind of Like Lance Berkman or Prince Fielder maybe??? Are those two in “baseball” shape? Funny, we would have to get that from an expert I guess because if they are not in “baseball shape” what is it about them that results in run production? Oh Lord….might it be TALENT?

Thank goodness Mamma, there is still hope that all of us civil fans that rely on our sense of humor to deal with this god awful season can opine to one another and not worry about being too immature, mean, vulgar or ignorant to understand our intent. Keep up the insightful reports my friend.

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