4/24 Reds 1, Cubs 0

What’s a little blood to a former football player? Jeff Samardzija shrugged off a cut finger, suffered in the first inning, but couldn’t stop Todd Frazier who belted a solo home run to lift the Reds to a 1-0 victory Wednesday over the Cubs. Samardzija (1-4) cut the index finger on his right hand trying to grab Shin-Soo Choo’s ball in the first. Cubs manager Dale Sveum and athletic trainer PJ Mainville went out to check on Samardzija after home plate umpire Jordan Baker noticed some blood.

“It got compressed a little bit and a little baby cut,” Samardzija said, downplaying the injury. “It was a little interesting. It wasn’t so much the feel of it but more so the liquid coming out of it than anything else. They let me pitch, which was good. Everything physically was fine. It was more aesthetic than anything else.”

In the second, Samardzija didn’t appear to have any problems as the Great American Ball Park radar gun registered his fastball at 98 mph. He fanned eight over six innings, and now has 39 strikeouts this month, good for seventh place on the team’s all-time list for most Ks in the month of April. Matt Garza fanned 51 in April 2011 for the team high.

Samardzija almost tried to make another bare-handed grab of Choo’s ball in the fifth but pulled back at the last minute.

“‘Almost’ is the key word there,” Samardzija said.

“I’m sure he learned his lesson,” Sveum said.

Samardzija said the injury wasn’t a distraction. He dashed off the field quickly after each inning so Mainville could work on it. Samardzija didn’t wear a batting glove on his right hand to avoid aggravating it. Sveum kept an eye on his starter but didn’t need to pull him.

“He was pretty sharp,” Sveum said. “There were no worries there.”

— Carrie Muskat


I told you all in a prior post that Frazier is a gamer going back to his heroics as a Little Leaguer. I see him as a Cub one day as a free agent or via trade or whatever. He`s a winner, something we have been devoid of for ages.

You nailed it jhosk. A shame our only way out of our third base mess is to wait for legit free agents. But it would be great to see him in a Cub uniform. When is he a free agent? I don’t think the Reds would trade him to the Cubs….of course….if Hoystein offers Soriano may Jocketty will blink. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mamma, I give you much credit for paying attention to what is revealed in prior posts. Most do not, and is a peeve of mine, and frankly do not comprehend. You are right on that Cubs brass should include us on payroll as our observations are as valid as any input they seem to be receiving from their sources. Just look at the results if you question that statement. By the way, which high school do you reference? I recall hearing much about Shadow Mountain when I lived in the Phoenix area. Isn`t that the h.s. Curt Schilling attended?

I have been asking if there is any other 1st baseman who could give Rizzo a breather. He is a great fielder – I should say fantastic when it comes to saving bad throws. But everyone is on his case for not hitting and for a starting lineup he hasn’t been doing it. I do not take away his home runs – wonderful – but he needs to get on base to move runs in. Again – who do we have at 1st now that Clevenger is out for some length of time?

That`s a good question, White. I do not think there is anyone. I believe the Cubs braintrust is all in with Rizzo. He`s their guy. They expect him to figure it out, meaning that he will learn to hit southpaws eventually. I recall following Ryan Howard of the Phillies. I saw him play AAA ball with the Scranton/Wilkes Barre affiliate several years ago and he sucked when it came to hitting southpaws. Was same deal when he was promoted to major league club. But over time, Howard did figure it out and is no longer overmatched by most left-hand hurlers.

You are correct, sir. Mamma is right. Gregg does hail from Corvallis. But Cubs fans, please do not forget that the man was a train wreck in his last sojourn with our club. He performed well recently, and we strongly support more of that and urge more of same. We so want the man to suceed.

Rizzo has got to be moved in the lineup. 3 strikeouts! What is going on with him?

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