4/26 Minor matters

Ryan Sweeney hit his fourth home run, a three-run shot in the first, to help Iowa beat Omaha 9-3 on Thursday. Sweeney was batting .404 and has an 11-game hitting streak. He was 4-for-5 with a triple and four RBIs. Brent Lillibridge also had four hits and two RBIs. Ian Stewart went 1-for-3 in his eighth rehab game. Esmailin Caridad picked up the win in relief.

Dallas Beeler threw seven shutout innings in Tennessee’s 2-1 win over Pensacola. Ronald Torreyes had three hits and scored a run and Jae-Hoon Ha notched his 10th RBIs.

Javier Baez hit his fourth home run and Chad Noble hit his first in Daytona’s 5-3 win over Lakeland. Zach Cates picked up the win, giving up four hits over five scoreless innings. Baez is batting .238 with 11 RBIs.

Lendy Castillo gave up six runs on eight hits over six innings in Kane County’s 6-4 loss to Fort Wayne. Oliver Zapata hit a two-run double.

— Carrie Muskat


Would like to know more about this Sweeney dude. Is he a prospect or a veteran career minor leaguer? We are desperate for someone who can provide offense. Is it plausible to believe he could be promoted if he continues to post numbers?

jhosk, I know Hoystien could not have known about Sweeney’s availability but don’t you think he’s shaking his head right about now regarding spending money on Hariston? Sweeney hands down would be a better roster fit than either Hairston or Sappelt, but the Cubs painted themselves in a corner again (“Stewart”) by signing both Schierholtz AND Hariston. Should have stopped at Schierholtz. Although I thought Hairston would have received more playing time by now but Soriano “CAN’T” be benched and Schierholtz is off to a surprising productive start. Maybe DeJesus will be traded making playing time for Haiston and or Sweeney? I know….ALL MOOT….
just sayin….

I am confident Hairston can be productive if given playing time, joey.

Somebody on the ML outfield needs to go to make room for Sweeney. Hard to figure out who, you know….with all the RBI machines we have out there… A total of TWO RBI from Soriano, uh….yeah, THAT’s proof he doesn’t leave men on base….right… Too bad Sweeney doesn’t play third, hell he STILL may be a better option than Stewart…HA! I wonder if ROD Stewart would out-hit IAN? Sveum is going to have his hands full of players that don’t deserve to play but he will have to play due to contracts/commetments. A shame, as he is a better manager than the record shows.
Oh well, he’ll be fine in a year or two when some of the dead weight is gone.

Sweeney is a lefty and is 28, so let’s stop pretending that he’s worth anything. You’d think Cubs fans would have learned from the likes of Roosevelt Brown, Corey Patterson, Ronny Cedeno, Felix Pie, Micah Hoffpauir, Bryan LaHair, and Joe Mather that looking like Ted Williams in AAA or Spring Training doesn’t mean you have the next Ted Williams on your hands. Plus, there’s a reason why Sweeney is on his 4th organization (and no, that reason is not “because other teams were dying to get him”).

Anyone who gets too excited about AAA stats should refer to “Brent Lillibridge also had four hits and two RBIs.”🙂 I wouldn’t mind seeing Sweeney get a cup of coffee in the bigs this year, but I’m not expecting much. I always hope that for every 3 guys who play well in AAA, one of them pans out in the bigs.

You’ve watched the Cubs for 60+ years and you’ve seldom seen such ineptness? Are you sure you weren’t watching the Cardinals and thought that they were the Cubs by accident? I’ve been watching the Cubs for 24 years, and here’s a few of the truly miserable seasons I can recall off the top of my head: 1994 (thankfully ended early due to the strike), 1997 (lost first 13 games, effectively taking the Cubs out of the playoff race by mid-April), 1999 (after a good start they got swept by the White Sox and the whole season fell apart after that), 2000 (Don Baylor, need I say more?), 2002 (Bruce Kimm, need I say more?), 2006 (Dusty’s welcome finally wears out), 2010 (Lou’s welcome finally wears out), 2011 (Mike Quade, need I say more), 2012 (Year one of Theo tearing it down and building it back up from scratch).

Sorry, meant the above post to be in response to the guy below.

That’s pretty much all I meant as well RD, Sweeney is worth a look see. I, like you am not counting on him being a major producer but would expect him to give Sappelt, Dejesus, Hairston and even the hot Schierholtz a run for their money. Not too difficult to do. If we had some stellar outfielders on the ML club this wouldn’t even be a topic. Who knows…maybe in a month or two we may see an outfield of Sweeney, Hairston and Schierholtz and we would still be headed toward 100 losses but closer to cleaning house for 2014. I get the feeling Hoystein may be making a move with some outfielders even prior to the deadline, the way the team has been playing.

I’ve been watching this ballclub for 60+ years, and seldom seen such ineptness. What are these guys thinking about??? To steal a line from “Bull Durham”—it sure ain’t baseball. 2nd year of 100+ losses from these “waiver wire wonders.”

Honestly, I don’t care about waiver wire / bargain bin pickups. They perform or they get released/demoted/sent.to.Asia. If they do perform they either stick around or get flipped for prospects. Either way they’re just bodies filling the bench while we’re waiting for enough homegrown talent to justify jumping back into the impact free agent market again. I’ve only been watching 30 years, but I’m also frustrated as hell. At least we’re all used to it.🙂 I still think we’re going to avoid 100 losses this year, but not by much. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to dull the pain.

Rizzo`s two long balls tonight were vs. a southpaw. This represents progress with the young man and great news for Cubs fans. And Rizzo`s avg. is at the Mendoza line, more reason to celebrate. But don`t forget this opponent may be the sorriest club in the majors. Houston anyone? Also Barney was perfect at the dish raising his avg. from the doldrems.

Rizzo’s run production is his salvation and the reason he is being counted on, given the commitment and the reason he is being left in the 3 hole, however he really needs to improve his BA and OBP but the promise is there. Facing one of the sorriest clubs in the majors should allow our guys some opportunity to HIT the ball and drive in some runs…I suppose if we played the Marlins in MAY Soriano might have scratched out and RBI instead of the most awesome infield single ever in the history of the game. You combine the “37 year old’s” infield single with his TWO stolen bases in one game….AMAZING CLEAN UP HITTER STUFF, I can’t understand why other GMs are not lining up with offers for this player that could no doubt single handidly guarnatee a contending team a WS trophy??? How could we ever have beat the Marlins without him?

Funny how some people can be so naive to think RIZZO is “killing the production” and that SORIANO doesn’t leave runners on base….actually not only funny but hilarious stuff coming from some of these minds. Soriano has now KILLED two Aprils in a row and will try to spin his season into a false MVP year the next 5 months.

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