4/28 Minor matters

Drew Carpenter gave up eight runs on nine hits over three innings in Iowa’s 13-2 loss to Omaha on Saturday. Logan Watkins had two hits and one RBIs, and Brett Jackson hit a RBI double. Ian Stewart was 0-for-3, and made an error in the ninth game of his rehab assignment.

On Sunday, Ryan Sweeney, Brett Jackson, Brent Lillibridge, and Brian Bogusevic each hit home runs to power Iowa to a 10-6 win over Omaha. Lillibridge and Bogusevic were both 3-for-4, and Bogusevic finished with three RBIs. Brooks Raley picked up the win, giving up four runs on six hits over six innings. Logan Watkins got it started for Iowa with a leadoff triple, and he scored on Jackson’s groundout. After Ian Stewart walked, Sweeney hit a two-run home run. Iowa added four more runs in the second on Jackson’s two-run homer and Bogusevic’s two-run single.

Tennessee’s games against Pensacola Saturday and Sunday were postponed because of weather. The Smokies will try to play a doubleheader on Monday.

Austin Kirk gave up four runs on seven hits over five innings in Daytona’s 5-1 loss to Lakeland. John Andreoli and Ben Carhart each had two hits.

Tayler Scott gave up two runs on seven hits over six innings in Kane County’s 5-3 come from behind win over Fort Wayne. Wes Darvill had two hits, and has had multiple hit games in four of his last five starts. Sunday’s game at Lake county was postponed because of rain.

— Carrie Muskat


Maybe they should send Stewart to either Double AA-Tennessee or Class A Daytona and than work his way back. It seems he might not be ready until June.

We know all about Lillibridge….leave him in the minors…but don’t you think Sweeney deserves one last “look see” in the majors with the Cubs? If he turns into another LaHair, or Mather so what? Let’s find out while we can and while the team needs some run production from AN OUTFIELDER. If Sappelt needs to go down to make room then send him down, then bench Soriano for a few weeks…yeah….right…it’s almost May, God forbid Soriano rides the pine just as HIS season begins. Anybody care (now that it’s TOO LATE) if Soriano gets his 100 RBI and 30 HR’s??? Big deal.

It’s a long season, and I think it can be expected that Sweeney will see a chance to play for the Cubs. Whether it’s an injury or a trade, he’ll have his chance. Just because he hasn’t been called up before the 1st of May doesn’t mean he won’t be.
Oh, whoops, my bad – I didn’t mean to interrupt your 795th consecutive Soriano sucks speech.
I don’t know who you’re preaching to, I don’t know anybody that thinks he’s great. To be traded, he has to play and hopefully heat up. There’s really no difference between losing 90 and 100 games this year, and Soriano’s WAR will not be -10. I think Soriano being traded is a better outcome this year than winning an extra 5-10 games. Sweeney will get his chance either way. Plenty of time.

#796: That’s a good one RD, kudos. I like your wit and civility. I wholeheartedly agree with you, the better outcome would be a Soriano trade because despite my 700+ Soriano sucks (thanks for the term by the way, sucks does wrap it up nicely) I do not despise the man and would feel good for this aging, one time special HITTER to get an opportunity for another playoff series allowing him to make up for the HORRID series he had with the Cubs. I believe however his fate is in his own hands and if he desires to remain, COMFORTABLE, SAFE AND UN-EXPOSED with this current guaranteed last or near last place team then he is only fooling himself, not us fans. I would like to see him lobby for a trade and do everything REASONABLE with a contending team to get him that chance. No more “I want to see how this team does, I want to be here if we succeed” B.S. Then we can bring up Ryan Sweeney Todd and gamble on the next blood bath…

Replying to Mamma, at least Epstein Is not sugar coating things and acknowledges this season is nothing special, players were acquired to fill roles and be traded prior or at the deadline and that the minor league development is the priority. The monkey off his back will be the removal of Soriano from the roster. That’s his up-hill climb.

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