4/30 Turn the calendar

Heading into Tuesday’s game, all 25 of the Cubs games this season have been decided by four runs or less, a franchise record, and second most all-time in the Major Leagues. The 1914 Tigers have the longest streak to start the season at 33 games. Some key hits, better defense, and the Cubs could be 15-10, not 10-15.

“We know what our starting pitching can be every night,” Dale Sveum said. “If we can go through a stretch in the next 25 games with our starting pitching be as good as they have been in the first 25 games, then you know you’ll be in games and if our offense heats up and we start getting more timely hitting and we start busting some games open, you win some of those [close] games.

“The biggest thing right now why we’re 10-15 and not 15-10 is just timely hitting,” Sveum said. “Twenty-five games in a row have been decided by four runs or less. You get a little more timely hitting and you hit .250 instead of .150, that’s a lot of runs in 25 games.”

The Cubs were batting .157 with runners in scoring position, lowest in the Majors.

— Carrie Muskat


Uh….and you get a few more RBI from your CLEAN UP hitter Mr. Manager. But oh noooooooooooooooo CAN’T call it like it is, keep wearing the kid gloves for Soriano sooner or later he will reward you with a 4 month season of SOME homeruns, SOME routine outfield plays AND STOLEN BASES OF COURSE!! Nice example being set about “ACCOUNTABILITY”.

I don’t like having to watch the game with the other team’s announcers but sometimes we do get an interesting “take” on their opinions of Cub’s players. Last night it was Soriano’s turn to take the “heat” for his lack of production. You are right, Mamma Mia, it is fundamental baseball and we fans are interested in what is going on with all the teams. Are you in for more burgers and fries tonight? New day, new game. Go Cubs!!!

Mamma, you may have just given one of the most compelling arguments AGAINST the Cubs remaining in the city. If they move to what you call our plastic suburbs most patrons will not have to face the congestion of the Damn Ryan. Also, have you seen any of our fair suburbs lately? Most are SPRAWLING enough to more than accommodate a tremendous ML baseball facility. I don’t have a horse in the race but would admit to attending more games than I do now if they relocated to a burb. No offense to you and the Funkhousers, Wrigley is beautiful but progress makes a compelling case for a winning baseball franchise too.

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