4/30 Cubs unveil more Wrigley plans

The Cubs revealed the first detailed look at the entire renovation project to selected media outlets Tuesday, including the proposed 6,000-square foot video scoreboard proposed for left field. The video board will be three times larger than Wrigley Field’s center field scoreboard, and also will have built-in light banks to address a shortage of outfield lighting. The Cubs also want to add a 1,000-square foot see-through sign in right field, similar to the Toyota sign now in left. The Cubs also showed other key elements of the project, which include a seven-story hotel, a six-story office building, and an outdoor plaza. The $300 million renovation plan and $200 million neighborhood redevelopment plans are projected to be completed over a five-year period.

The Cubs’ renovations will begin this offseason with removal of 3,500 seats to open up 25,000 square feet for the home clubhouse, batting tunnels, video rooms and training facilities. That would be double the current space.

“This is a historic restoration,” Crane Kenney, Cubs president of business operations, told select media Tuesday. “This is not a renovation. This is not trying to make Wrigley new. It’s actually trying to make Wrigley old.”

The Cubs and city officials have agreed on 40 night games, more late afternoon games on Fridays, and weekend closings of Sheffield Avenue for street fairs on game days. All have agreed in principle on the left field video board, right field signage, additional signs inside Wrigley and the hotel.

Note: To see the proposed changes to Wrigley Field, you need to check out the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times or Crain’s Chicago Business websites. We hope to have the artist’s renderings later Wednesday on Cubs.com.


Funny stuff on WLS’ Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft show this morning. Bruce said something like: Soriano will be using the new “jumbotron” to watch the flight of the ball hit to him in left field since he can’t track it off the bat. Then Dan chimed in with something in the way of: Soriano should just be put in the old scoreboard to keep score. Dan is right because that would be one of the few ways Soriano could actually be involved in the scoring process. I know, I know….he’s GOING TO GET BETTER now that April is in the books. STILL, some telling comments regarding the perception of Soriano’s play from somebody other than myself or Mamma. I guess there may only be one or maybe two Soriano supporters left out there that would take offense by such candid remarks. Free passes for such an abysmal show of offense were not available for several other players and Soriano should be no different. If his salary was equal to what Colvin’s or LaHair’s was….he’d be benched.

But what about Rickett’s exclamation this morning that he’ll move the Cubs if he doesn’t get his way. Sometimes acting like a 6 year old can actually pay off, right?

In Chicago…..being immature may just get things done. I would welcome a move of Wrigley Field out west, more space, less restrictions much better access to the games, more night games etc. I think the time has come. But, either way these are just a bunch of very wealthy people playing in their private sandbox so who cares the outcome? There is upside to either location as well as a downside, some people will be happy if they move, some will be miserablly upset. The people with the money…will still have the money. The rooftop owners goldmine will run dry eventually anyway, oh well, we can’t all win the lottery.

Not sure if I want THIS PARTICULAR tradition to carry on…for another 103 years. The only way Soriano will win the World Series at Wrigley Field is if he got a few of his other overpaid gazillionaire friends together bought the team from Ricketts and then got his friendly smile as far away as possible from his team, but it sure won’t be as a player.

I love his comment Let us run our business like a business…….. that is the perfect statement to this WHOLE MESS….. Let the Cubs get what they want or watch them move to Rosemount where the stadium will be newer and nicer… easier to access…. room for a hotel and more parking…. more ways to generate revenue. More revenue means more money to spend on FA

another bluff by the ricketts now saying home club house may have to wait until 2015.

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