5/1 Leave Wrigley? No way

There’s nothing wrong with Wrigley Field, Dale Sveum said. It just needs a little upgrading and the support from the city and community to do that through the proposed $300 million renovation plan. The Cubs submitted their proposed changes to the 99-year-old ballpark and the neighborhood to the city plan commission on Wednesday, and must now wait for final approval. If rejected, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said the team would have to consider other options, such as moving out of Wrigley.

“I think it’s hard for everyone to envision,” Theo Epstein said of the possibility of the Cubs leaving the neighborhood ballpark. “Everyone’s on record as saying their goal is to stay here and win here. Tom’s answer to that question today really underscored the importance of the project and the importance of the revenue to our vision of building a sustainable winner in a big market and behaving the way a big market should.”

Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer told players they could expect a new clubhouse by Opening Day 2014. If the renovations are not improved in time to begin work this offseason, that could be delayed until 2015.

“At this point, it depends on how long the public approval process takes,” Epstein said. “If it drags on too long, it’s going to be unrealistic to get it done this winter and then we’re probably looking at Opening Day 2015 for the renovated clubhouse. … We’re all hoping, for a lot of reasons, and not just the revenue, that we can get this moving sooner rather than later.”

The Cubs players want to see Wrigley upgraded, not abandoned.

“I know Mr. Ricketts wants to win and he’s building a winning environment here,” Anthony Rizzo said. “He’s going to do whatever it takes to get what needs to be done done. If it takes moving — I know he wants to bring a championship here, whether it’s at Wrigley or not. We all want to be at Wrigley. These renovations, I think they need to get done, to be honest, to make everything more modernized.”

— Carrie Muskat


I don’t think I can see the Chicago Cubs playing anywhere else other then Wrigley Field! I just can’t! And I don’t think I can see a huge electronic scoreboard other then our original one!😦

Oh and I was watching the game right now and Barney got hit in the ribs! Oh my goodness! I lost my breath for a little, and I was just staring! But I felt better when he just turned with a spin and just walked! I was so proud! :’)

Did you see the nice play in left field by Borbon? Nice to have a true FIELDER in left field.
Soriano concedes a base hit on that ball and would think getting to it on one hop and holding
the batter to a single would be a good defensive play…because NO ERROR.

Mr. Ricketts’ comments about leaving Wrigley Field are irresponsible and would lead to a disaster for the Cubs. As much as Cub fans love the team they equally love Wrigley Field. I would personally send back my Die Hard Cubs Membership card and would give up baseball if the Cubs abandoned Wrigley.

what is so good about Wrigley? Serious question and would like to have a conversation about this.

The disaster is your comment. I am a looooong time CUBS fan, not a long time Wrigley Field fan. Please do not assume fans equally love the Cubs and Wrigley Field. If you are so easily willing to give up your Die Hard CUBS Membership AND BASEBALL if the CUBS left Wrigley Field then there can be no doubt that you love/value (etc.) Wrigley Field MORE SO than the CUBS. So you contradict your own point regarding EQUALITY. Obviously Wrigley Field means more to you than the CUBS BASEBALL TEAM. Sounds to me like once you give up your membership and baseball….you might have time on your hands to search for a life. I on the other hand will keep my Die Hard Cubs Membership (Charter by the way), my LOVE for the Cubs, my LOVE of all that is baseball and I will follow the Cubs wherever they reside and more than likely visit them more often should they leave the “Friendly, yet CONFINING” area that is Wrigley Field at the congested intersection/community of Clark and Addison and move to a more modern, spacious, accessible and less CONFINING local.

Yeah I agree Joey. I would follow them every where too and I wouldn’t change my favorite team in the whole world just because they left Wrigley! But I do hope that they don’t leave because growing up and being an immigrant family, we had those knob t.v.s! Haha, and my grandpa watched tv with no cable. All we would get was channel 5,9,11, 21, 26 etc. But never had any cable. On channel 9 the Cubs would be on. That’s how my love for the Cubs started, with a knob t.v and channel 9. I grew up watching the Cubs at Wrigley with the ivy. We would always sit in the hot little room sweating but always cheering! That’s how my love for baseball grew. To the point were I wouldn’t want to go to parties because the Cubs we’re playing against the Brewers and I hate the Brewers! I would dit in there even if it was so hot! I grew up going to Wrigly, and watching Sosa playing! I love Wrigley like so much! But we move to another park then I’ll be okay with it…I wouldn’t go with another team just because we moved. My love for the Cubs is much bigger then my love for Wrigley!❤

65 year CUB fan since #44 at 1st was Phil Caveretta and thinkng time to leave Wrigley

I agree with Ricketts and the changes that need to be made to keep the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Will a detailed set of plans with renderings be released anytime soon so the fans can get a real sense of what will happen? Including the hotel and such..

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