5/1 Proposed Wrigley Field plaza

130104 WF 100 Concept StudyRev


I guess that’s impressive. I’m old school and like things the way they are. Last night’s game will be easy to forget as most blowouts are. White, I see you have two outstanding college teams there in Oregon, Oregon State and Oregon. Heck, both are ranked ahead of my Cavaliers in latest USA Today poll. Will be interesting to see who gets to Omaha.

That is an impressive rendition of Wrigley Field. It would look just as impressive in Rosemon, Schaumburg, Elburn…..and more than likely MORE people would attend games because of the accessability to the park, parking, etc. Going to Clark and Addison is a pain in the left field. If they move, so be it. They may get a lot of fans BACK in the ballpark. If they stay, Chicago will have a pretty stadium and the same old crowded mess at Clark and Addison.

wow i actually agree with you…. wow….

Can’t the Cubs even be a good ball club in their own renditions?

The team flags have them 4th out of 5 teams with what appears to be the Cardinals in 1st.

Must be a REALISTC rendition.

What happens to the rooftops? We love them!!! http://youtu.be/m852v7yOlls

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