5/1 Ricketts: “We’ll consider moving”

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts says the team may have to move out of Wrigley Field if they cannot get approval for more signage in the outfield, including a 6,000-square foot video scoreboard proposed for left field. Ricketts discussed the Wrigley renovations at a City Club of Chicago breakfast Wednesday. He said the Cubs hope to get $20 million annually from the new outfield advertising. The signage is opposed by rooftop owners who feel it will block their views.

“I’m not sure how anyone is going to stop the signs in the outfield but if it comes to the point that we don’t have the ability to do what we need to do in our outfield then we’re going to have to consider moving,” Ricketts said. “It’s as simple as that.”

There are no plans to raise ticket prices now, Ricketts said.

“We have to generate revenue,” said Crane Kenney, Cubs president of business operations, at the event. “We have to catch up to our large market competitors on ballpark revenues so this project has to work from a financial perspective as well.”

Ricketts said the team will file its proposal with the city on Wednesday. The Cubs have proposed a $300 million renovation plan for Wrigley Field and an additional $200 million plan for the neighborhood that will be completed over five years.

— Carrie Muskat


PLEASE MOVE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MOVE OUT OF WRIGLEY…. Mess this up Chicago like you do about everything else…. do it!!!!!….

I find it hard to envision the rooftop owners winning a court battle. It’s time to upgrade Wrigley or move elsewhere. The team will live on…with or without Wrigley Field. Bill…fan since 1967

Message to Tom Ricketts – Basically what Tom Ricketts is saying he’s going to put a video board up and the owners of the roof tops will like it or he will move the Cubs and they won’t make any money at all! I like the idea of the video board being put into Wrigley. I like Wrigley as is but if moving will benefit this team and win some ball games then I am all for it!. I think some people haven’t loved the Cubs because they are the Cubs but where they are located and it is convenient for them to watch baseball games. Why cry and moan against something that could upgrade your team and bring in a World Series? It’s clear we need better batting practice facilities inside the park, Better locker rooms and ect. I know the Cubs have been apart of that community for a very long time but there are thing’s in that community that hold that Cubs back and if Tom Ricketts were to read this I would say I back your decision 100% and do what you have to do for the team and bring the Cubs to a World Series and do it for the team and owner stand point not the community. I really wish I could hear something back from Tom Ricketts himself on this note😉

P.S. I’m sure if you wanted to move to another state that would be, Okay too! I’m sure Indianapolis would do away with there triple A team to have a team like the Cubs show up I’m just saying there are more fans outside of Chicago as well

Cmon a ditigal scoreboard? -.-

not a scoreboard… its a video board… the current board will stay and still be used

Oh okay, thanks for letting me know. I was a little confused about that..

Lets get real, this is a business and the money that the Cubs make for the city of Chicago is unreal in different taxes. We can be sure that the city cannot let them move so those rooftop owners had better be careful as I’m sure that the city could find things wrong with some of those buildings and then condem them. Owners Beware!!

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