5/2 Cubs lineup

The Cubs close their four-game series against the Padres at Wrigley Field on Thursday. Travis Wood gets the start against San Diego lefty Eric Stults. Starlin Castro remains in the No. 5 spot in the lineup for the second day.

Sappelt CF
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Castillo C
Hairston RF
Barney 2B
T. Wood P


Is a pity Sorry is not being rested today as well. Worked like a charm last night.

Correct, both offensively and defensively. Note that Castro Is in the 5 hole again a sure sign that Sveum is looking for some run production due to the failure of Soriano to do so. Also probably trying to “protect” poor little Soriano (the VICTIM) by having the best hitter on the team bat behind him. This is a no win situation. SorryOhno can hit lights out for the rest of the year which may increase his trade value to an AL team but at the same time give him reason to kill any deal because he would AGAIN consider himself capable of contributing to the Chicago World Series pipe dream before his contract is over. This is truly one of the most prototypical albatross contract/player in all of baseball. Maybe the rooftop owners can force the Cubs to remove SorryOhno from LF during negotiations?

Can the Yanks be fleeced into accepting Soriano in a trade? They are looking for right handed bats, which is one thing Soriano is still good at….being right handed….

Joey, it’s silly to not understand that Soriano will soon heat up. That’s why the Yankee’s are interested, they want to buy low…don’t expect the Cubs to sell….nor should they.

I do understand that Soriano will heat up, he always does once the season is already lost, then cools down In the rare event of a playoff game. IF the Yankees are interested in Soriano they are also desperate. You’re right…the Yanks COULDN’T buy any lower than Soriano but to say the Cubs should NOT sell Soriano is just wrong. The only reason the Cubs will not sell Soriano is because they CAN”T sell Soriano not because they don’t want to sell him. getting ANY value for the remainder of Soriano’s contract would be a good, luck and miraculous situation.

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