5/2 Post-game notes

* Travis Wood now has opened the season with six quality starts. In 17 quality starts this year, Cubs pitchers have a 2.08 ERA and only six wins. Only four NL teams have more quality starts than the Cubs.

* Scott Hairston hit a two-run home run. Three of his four hits this season have been home runs, and all three have come off left-handed pitchers.

* Carlos Marmol has made 10 straight scoreless appearances dating to April 8 against Milwaukee. However, in his last five appearances, Marmol has either given up a hit, a walk, or hit a batter.

* With Thursday’s 4-2 loss, 23 of the Cubs’ 28 games have been decided by three runs or less, and the team is 9-14 in those games. More than half of the 17 losses (10) have been by two runs or less.

— Carrie Muskat


Hairston has been a great surprise this year. Marmol has been getting his game back, but what do you think about Jackson? I’ve been a little disappointed.

Hairston’s limited playing time is somewhat puzzling when you think of his contract. The Cubs would be better off defensively, offensively and on the bases if he AT LEAST got SOME REGULAR playing time in LF. This would keep him sharp and allow him to accumulate some stats that may attract a trade partner mid-season which from the looks of it may be the only reason Hoystein signed him? Because he sure as hell isn’t displacing the coddled, ego stroked, UNPRODCUCTIVE Soriano on a full time basis. Hairston has tripled Soriano’s RBI’s AND HR’s all with less than ONE THIRD Soriano’s AB’s. And he’s a part time, bench riding player while Soriano is given every opportunity to turn his year around (AGAIN). One must question Sveum’s motive regarding this managerial brain cramp. THERE IS NO MORE UPSIDE TO SORIANO, PERIOD.

I’m curious what people expected from Jackson. He’s a below average pitcher, under .500 for his career with a very high career ERA. Another really bad signing by TheoJed, big contract many years for a guy that will be 30 this year and in no way represents the alledged “rebuilding” they are clamiing. Jackson is bad… don’t be surprised.

Agreed Joey. Frustrating watching our overmatched manager make the same mistakes over and over again. Soriano hit 4th all of April and accumulated a total of 2… yes 2… RBIs. 102 trips to the plate in April, and only one time did he drive anyone in (other than his solo HR). But there he was, in the lineup in the 4 hole day after day day after day. His success rate is 2 out of 102. NOT GOOD. And of course Marmol has destroyed our bullpen yet AGAIN,and yet again we were told to be patient, it’s early. Not to those of us who have watched this act 4 straight years its not!

Right KampOC, we fans CAN show patience for the over-all development of the organization. We KNOW building a winner takes time and we KNOW they are making strides in the minor league system. However, our patience with the way our NEW AND IMPROVED (?) manager is so blatantly massaging “The Soriano Project” is wearing thin. Wouldn’t you want our NEW AND IMPROVED (?) manager to show SOME KIND OF STONES? When faced with supporting a bad team (because we are the best fans and that is what we do), we fans ask for nothing more than some accountability during the most OBVIOUSLY bad times. What is worse? Soriano’s pathetic contribution or Sveum’s insistence on not only playing him every day but keeping him in the 4 hole? It’s right out of Quade’s insanity laced play book. Sure Svuem can EXPECT different results day after day but how about AT LEAST expecting them from the 7 hole? If Sveum does not have the capacity to deal with a fading, bad, old “superstar” then why have him manage at all? I would have loved to see how Sandberg handled Soriano’s horrendous April and the clean up spot.

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