5/3 Rizzo: “I don’t know how I fit in there”

Anthony Rizzo jokes with Cubs teammate Darwin Barney at least twice a week that the first baseman is going to make the defensive play of the year that day. On Thursday, Rizzo might have done just that. With one out in the seventh inning of a scoreless game against the Padres, Chase Headley hit a pop up that drifted toward foul territory near first base. Rizzo tracked it and was able to catch the ball, then fell between the tarp and brick wall. He hung on for the out and escaped without a cut or scrape.

“I visualize those plays daily,” Rizzo said Friday. “I actually had a bad read on it. The wind, I thought would blow it quicker, and next thing you know, it’s behind me. It was just an instinct play.”

He’s watched the replay a thousand times.

“I got a couple messages from people who said they were going to have a heart attack [watching it],” Rizzo said. “I didn’t realize it was that close — I don’t know how I fit in there.”

Rizzo is 6-foot 3-inches, 240 pounds. It’s impossible to figure out how he squeezed between the tarp and wall. He wouldn’t mind a little padding next time.

“I could’ve been really close to looking like a hockey player there if my face would’ve hit it,” Rizzo said.

Adding some cushion to the walls is most likely not in the Wrigley Field renovation plans.

“It’s something that’s been here for 100 years,” manager Dale Sveum said of the brick walls. “We’re getting back into the essence of Wrigley and the bricks and the ivy.”

Sveum isn’t going to tell his young first baseman to take it easy, either.

“That’s not the way you can play,” Sveum said. “You definitely don’t take aggressiveness away from people. That’s just the way you have to play the game.”

Rizzo, definitely lucky to not get injured, said he’s made some crazy plays before.

“There’s plays like that where your instincts take over,” he said. “Last year, before I got called up, I slid into stairs at [Triple-A] Iowa trying to make a play. It’s something where instincts take over and [Travis Wood] was out there pitching his tail off and you just want to make plays.”

He’s going to keep hustling after balls.

“I’m not going to not sell out, no matter what,” Rizzo said. “It doesn’t matter if I get hurt, I get hurt. It’s not like I’m not going to make the play because I’m scared.

— Carrie Muskat


Am impressed with the defensive prowess of both Rizzo and Barney. But there are offensive aspects to the game as well. The batting averages of these two dudes are positively embarrassing.

Agree completely. I sure hope they both increase their batting averages soon. We can give Barney only so much slack due to his knee injury but the clock is ticking and Rizzo really has no excuse. A real good thing Rizzo is at least driving in some runs with his power while struggling with his average and not just taking up space in the line up like…..

Barney got 6 walks, 3 hits and 1 hit by pitch in the last series.That is 10 times on base. Not a complete wash-out?

Definitely not a complete wash out White I am only agreeing with jhosk on his on the money remark regarding players contributing with the bat as well as the glove. Only pitchers are given a pass on batting average, runs batted in (well Soriano is given a pass too..), home runs (well Soriano is given a pass too..). EVERYBODY else should produce with the bat one way or the other depending on what is expected from the player’s position and his role. I have confidence Barney will contribute with the bat sooner than later and even an average as low as .250 (I think he will hit better…) is enough for a player of Barney’s caliber to be deemed productive. So far only Soriano is a complete wash-out on this team as other players are doing as expected or compensating somehow. I know, I know….Soriano has made up for his lack of RBI’s, runs and HR’s with the TWO STOLEN BASES IN ONE GAME. Please…..

Live in Iowa but came out for yesterday’s freezing cold day game. Hairston’s home run into the wind and Rizzo’s play were our two highlights!

C’mon White! We both know that he is better then Rizzo😉 Hahaha!!! Well at least I think so…

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