5/4 Cubs lineup

The Cubs will try to get back on track Saturday in the second game of their three-game series against the Reds. Jeff Samardzija, looking for his first win since Opening Day, gets the start against Cincinnati lefty Tony Cingrani. Here’s the lineup:

Sappelt CF
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Castillo C
Hairston RF
Barney 2B
Samardzija P

* The Cubs have dropped their last seven home games to the Reds, dating to Aug. 10, 2012.

* So far, 24 of the Cubs’ 29 games have been decided by three runs or less, with the Cubs going 9-15 in those games. More than half o the Cubs’ 18 losses have been by two runs or less.

— Carrie Muskat


Wish I could share our garden veggies with you — kale, Swiss chard, spinach — and, by the way, I do not like Brandon Phillips! He is a great 2nd baseman but is a blow-hard – no class. Game just starting! Eamus Catuli!

How about that! Soriano is back! Think he is warmed up now! As of May 4th – here we go Sori.

If I ever see Marmol again it will be too soon! Why, why why did they put him in! It is ridiculous! I am mad !! Okay, got that off my chest .

were convinced marmol can get batters out what else are they going ta say he sucks no they cant say the truth their trying to trade him. he’s a free agent after this season some team will give him stupid money.

Hope you have all your burgers and fries lined up for today’s sports events, Mamma Mia! Hope Smardj’s finger has healed. How much did they get for the “blood ball” I wonder? Early game today so I am getting ready to cheer and scream and yell and cry and laugh and hope for a win!

I simply cannot understand WHY Marmol is kept in the bullpen. You are so right. He demoralizes fans, AND players every time he walks to the mound. Why can’t Sveum see this and bench him FOREVER? We have a decent bullpen this year and certainly enough power
pitchers to TAKE OVER FOR HIM. He has been given enough chances now and this should be THE END OF HIS LOSING GAMES FOR US!!!!! Once he was good, now he is NOT GOOD.
AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Sveum, take care of it!!!

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