5/4 Post-game notes

* Alfonso Soriano hit two home runs Saturday for his 31st career multi-homer game, and second by a Cubs player this year. Soriano now has 375 career home runs, one of 70 players in MLB history to reach that mark. He hit a pair of two-run home runs off the Reds, and that accounted for two of the three hits by the Cubs.

* Jeff Samardzija has a 1.50 ERA in two starts against the Reds this year, yet no wins. On Saturday, he threw a season-high 111 pitches over six innings. The Cubs have compiled 18 quality starts this year, and a 2.05 ERA. But they have won just six of those games.

* James Russell has 16 straight scoreless outings to open the season. He has 15 Ks, and two walks.

* On Sunday, Edwin Jackson (0-4, 6.27 ERA) will face Mat Latos (2-0, 1.83 ERA) in the series finale at Wrigley Field.

— Carrie Muskat


I can’t believe that I am happy that I was scheduled to work today. It least I didn’t have to watch Marmol give the game away again. Now I have to decide if I want to waste my afternoon tomorrow and watch the game on WGN.

I think the rest of the team probably doesn’t want to play tomorrow either. They are likely demoralized and thinking “Why bother”. They play a good game and then have to see Marmol lose it in less than 1 inning. It is a disgrace that the fans AND the other players have to be subjected to his lousy pitching. I don’t care that Sveum says they have to play him. He makes a huge amount of money BUT just “eat it” and quit letting his big salary ruin our season.

This is managements problem. They have put together a team of 2nd stringers and minor leaguers, and passed them off as rebuilding in their 5 year plan. I believe they will milk this until they see attendance begin to drop precipitously.

Under the current circumstances, they should send Marmol down to work the bugs out. It appears from the replays that his delivery is coming from a three-quarter delivery, rather than a complete straight over the arm delivery. It’s just my observation from watching him the last couple years


So far this season A.S. TWO stolen bases in one game AND two homeruns in one game. Hoystein better extend his contract before he hits FA in less than two years and the HOF needs to induct him NOW, no need for voting…. (forget about him going AWOL in the Dogders playoff series and Arpils). About 10-20 more games like that and we may yet be able to dump him by the trade deadline.
Right, he DID have a great day at the plate, he’s showing up late to the dance as usual but good for HIM.

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