5/5 Marmol: “I’m glad he gave me the ball”

Carlos Marmol met with Dale Sveum before Sunday’s game, and asked the Cubs manager for another chance to pitch as soon as possible. Marmol got his wish, and delivered on Sunday. Marmol retired the side in order in the sixth for the first time since April 18. He’d had six rough outings in a row, including Saturday when he walked two and hit a batter.

“I’m glad he gave me the ball,” Marmol said of Sveum. “It didn’t matter what inning. I told him I want to pitch, no matter what. He gave me the ball. He trusts me and I went out there and had a good inning today.”

On Saturday, Marmol threw 14 pitches, four for strikes. The ratio was better Sunday as he threw 12 pitches, seven for strikes.

“I threw a lot of strikes today and my slider was a little better and hopefully I can keep getting three outs — one, two, three,” Marmol said.

— Carrie Muskat


Well it sure is nice to hear that Sveum does just what Marmol asks him to do. Sveum sure doesn’t do what the fans ask him to do. So we fans can plan on more agony from Marmol while Sveum coddles his washed up pitcher. Only a miracle could bring back Marmol’s ability at this point. Yes he was a really great closer, now he is not.

1. Could we get Dale Sveum to smile a bit?
2. Could we give Jackson more money?
3. Could we present Marmol with a plaque?

Could we sign Soriano to an extension?

I really don’t want to hear about ONE good inning. Lets talk about how many games Marmol has saved & how many he has blown. Why use him at all: if we can’t get rid of him through a trade, send him to the minors to work on his control. Give our starting pitchers a break.

Trade Marmol asap. My blood pressure can’t take anymore.

Larry, We have all found ways to control our blood pressure when Marmol pitches. 1. Walk away from the TV immediately. 2. Grab any and all chocolates in the house. 3. Think about all the best times of your life. 4. Have your meds at hand, along with box of tissues. 5. Sing the “Kitty” song at the top of your lungs! “soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr”. 6. Return to TV when you are sure the tragedy is over. 7. Alternate between chocolates and tissues. Eamus Catuli

That`s precious, White.

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