5/5 Sveum: Bottom line is getting job done

The first 30 games of the season have tested Cubs manager Dale Sveum’s patience. The Cubs have lost nine games in which they have led at some point, second-most in the National League, including Saturday’s 6-4 loss to the Reds.

“Those are tough losses and we’ve had quite a few of them this year,” Sveum said. “It’s no fun for anybody and the players battle, battle, battle and get those leads and then all of a sudden they’re gone. I don’t care who you are, it ain’t no fun.”

Twelve of the Cubs’ 19 losses have been by two runs or less. Twenty-five of their 30 games have been decided by three runs or less.

“Going into the season, we all said we had a much more competitive team,” Sveum said, citing the addition of left-handed bats Nate Schierholtz and Dioner Navarro. “For the most part, that’s all worked to a ‘T’ but the back end of the bullpen has cost us, and not just cost us, but we’ve had some miscues on the field that have cost our starters some really good outings as well.

On Thursday, Travis Wood was cruising over seven shutout innings, and two defensive miscues in the eighth led to four runs and helped the Padres post a come from behind win. On Saturday, Carlos Marmol’s meltdown cost the Cubs, who had a 4-1 lead going into the eighth. The starting pitching has posted 18 quality starts, yet the Cubs have won six of those games.

“It’s just a shame knowing that if we played really clean baseball and had a dominating bullpen, this could be flipped and 19-11, and instead, we’re on the back end of this and it’s frustrating,” Sveum said. “I think the good thing about it is knowing we’ve been in every single game we’ve played, and had games right in the palm of our hands and given them away. The team and everybody, we’re putting ourselves in situations to win games, and have leads. We just have to clean that up and somehow get those last three to six outs.”

It’s been trying for the second-year manager.

“I won’t lie, your patience can only take so much sometimes,” Sveum said. “Obviously, you put players out there to do a job and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t work out but the bottom line is production and getting the job done.”

— Carrie Muskat


Did Dale and this organization ever hear of the minor leagues? How many times over the years did we send players down when they weren’t performing? So why is Marmol different? Quit trying to fix his problems in the major leagues where people pay good hard earned money to see one game per year. Minor leagues could help him fix his problems. Don’t lose important games with him on the mound.

Those exact words were on my mind. Marmol’s execution of pitches are his demise. Falling off after every pitch, no wonder his pitches go all over. Needs to learn a more orthodox delivery can only be taught in the minors.

So, why is Sveum so patient with Marmol? It is bizarre to keep him on the roster. It doesn’t matter if Marmol’s problem is mental or physical – he is a detriment to the team.

It seems that Sveum cares more about Marmol than about the fans OR the rest of the team! He has lost the respect of both in my opinion. The team is demoralized, the fans are seethingly mad. For the first time EVER I don’t know if I even want to watch the game today!

Sveum has learned all the cliches to keep his job, but he still doesn’t get it. You either perform at this level or you’re either benched, traded or sent down. Managers are given “a vote of confidence.” Then a week later, usually the week before the 4th of July, they’re given their walking papers. In the real world of baseball that is what happens, but with the Cubbies, we all do cumbiya and drink heavily.

I love it, well said. The same old same old continues even with the heralded new, “no non-sens” Mr. Svuem. We need are manager to grow a pair concerning Marmol and Soriano.

Time to get rid of Marmolo and Sveum. He is uninspiring as a manager to put it mildly

Adding Schierholtz and Navarro??? Is he kidding? He thinks the offense was going to be more competitve based on those two journeyman pickups? Has looked at their carreer numbers? Good role players yes but to jump the offense? Hardly. Good God, I just want Svuem to salvage any respect left and call it like it is, then at least us fanse can relate to this guy but so far he is saying all the “right” things which just enables the situation and coddles the underperforing vets.

Dear Carrie,
I Have been a Cub fan ever since arrive to US from Europe in 1947. Lived near Wrigley Field. Have suffered a lot from disappointments. We had a pitcher by the name of Eckersley. Starter all his life, traded to Oakland, became a master closer. The Braves took a starter making him one of their best closers. Whe can’t we take our 52 million (13 million per year) starter, Edwin Jackson) winner of zero games, effective starting the game, then falling after a few innings, making him our closer. As we lost all his starts, and losing at least 8 games we could have won, turning around our 11-20 record, (had we began with him as our closer, ) into 19-12 record leading our division.

At least give this switchy a chance for one month. I predict, our record would be better then 500 by the all star game.

Please, please, have my message send on to our manager, Sweum. I am sure, this thought must have been going through his mind. My hope is, upper management is not sending him orders. My hope is he alone has the power to make changes. His job is to win as many games with the material he has at hand.
Charlie Ungar

Dear Carrie,
Too anxious sending my last message fast without correcting the typo errors.
Somewhat embarrassing.

Charlie, I love your idea. I pray Dale considers that.

Thanks for your support

Charles, You have had a very interesting idea! Jackson has certainly not been a good starter so why not do the flip-flop with Jackson closing. It might also help keep Marmol off the mound. Since Sveum INSISTS on using Marmol we fans would welcome seeing him as little as possible. Russell has been doing such a great job on the mound. Would love to know his potential as a future starter.

good bye svuem back to milwaukee who u r obviously managing for

Is good to see a large variety of posters making their views known. Charles, you are right on regarding Eckersley. He became a lock-down closer with Oakland after many years as a starter, several with the Cubs. I also recall that he was reticent about going to the bullpen when it was first suggested to Dennis. Now he`s in the Hall of Fame, is he not. I sat next to him at the bar of the Montreal Sheraton in 1984 after a game, a game he started and pitched very well, but lost 2-1 on a flare hit by Andre Dawson (the Hawk had not yet joined the Cubs), which sailed over the head of first baseman Keith Moreland in the 9th. I had a front row seat along first base line and had excellent view. Am confident Hawk would say today it was one of the “cheapest” hits he was ever credited with.

Dale Sveum is the answer? Theo needs to come up with another line. This guy’s a loser! Who else would run Marmol out there time after time when he can’t consistently throw a strike? If you are a RP, you NEED to throw strikes!

Carrie: I have been a Cubs fan and supporter for almost 50 years and I have never been as diappionted with the owner, Ricketts, GM, Hoyer, president, Epstein, and of course Sveum. I have never been so under-whelmed . Shame on the whole Cubs organization. They have some of the best fans in baseball and look at this mess!

I still cling to some hope Jeff as we finally have an owner and GM that knows they must run the team as a business, makes TONS of money, hit rock bottom etc. etc. before the BALL TEAM can rise from the ashes and compete year in and year out. I think back to the days of the horrible Braves teams and for a loooooong time they field competitive if not playoff caliber teams. Hang in there buddy, I like to think of this as the STORM before the CALM. It’ is actually rather refreshing to see this entirely NEW way of being bad as if it has purpose instead of randomness as was in the Tribune/Hendry days. A few years from now I believer Theo and the Ricketts will be delivering a pay-off for us. So let’s enjoy the show for what it is, criticize Sveum an players for NOT doing the best job THEY should be doing but Theo and the Ricketts? I think they ARE doing the best job…for the LONG RUN.

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