5/6 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face the Rangers at Wrigley Field Monday night in a makeup game. Scott Feldman will face his former teammates. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Valbuena 3B
Barney 2B
Feldman P


New day, new game! Make it a good one guys!!!!! Yesterdays can’t be fixed. Today is the beginning of all things good!

I do not think Dale is the best manager he does not handle his bull pen that well. and keeping alfonso as clean up batter is definately not a good decision.

Any way for me to purchase cards Cubs giving away this year at Wrigley

rizzo=.143 with RISP…. Soriano .194 with RISP….. but i know you all see the 9 vs 21…. its fine and dandy but wouldn’t you want a guy hitting better with runners in scoring position?

Isn’t it normal that a cleanup hitter has a better RISP? that is his f*ing job!!!!
I don’t just take this one stat… I also look at more advanced stats…
for example the stats with a certain number of outs, or just the BA with men on base.
This is what you get then:
0 outs: Riz .267 – Sor .390
1 out: Riz .250 – Sor .226
2 outs: Riz .225 – Sor .205
So, Soriano is the better hitter, but only when there are no outs.
the BA with men on base (no matter how many outs or what bases are occupied) are
Riz: .280 – Sor: .240
So again I prefer to have Rizzo at the plate with men on base.
The numbers when they are leading off an inning are
Riz: .304 – Sor: .467
My conclusion is that, since we don’t really have a basestealing guy in the lineup, move Soriano up the order to the leadoff spot (very good numbers with no outs or when leading off an inning) and move Rizzo to the number 4 or 5 spot where he will have more men on base.
Regarding the Marmol situation… since we all know we won’t go anywhere this season, I applaud Dale’s decision to bring Marmol back as soon as possible. Last year he was also terrible as a closer early on (1 save and 2 blown saves) but then settled down and strung together a serie of 19 consecutive converted saves. His ERA was 5.87 in April and 3.02 the rest of the season.
The guy has the tools to be a good pitcher, so give him the ball, hope he gets back on track as soon as possible and HOPE a team is in need of an experienced closer and trade him for a (few) prospect(s)

Clearly after 5 weeks of baseball which I think is just large enough to be considered a window of evaluation Soriano has NOT earned the clean up spot and Rizzo has NOT earned the three hole spot yet Sveum keeps them there religiously. The line up is pretty much weak from 1 to 9 so why Sveum can’t play with the 3 & 4 holes a little more is confounding. Shouldn’t he be able to figure out that ANY other player (names are useless at this point) that has better RISP number should be given at least a few days to a week in the 3 & 4 hole….and the almighty Rizzo and Soriano CAN and SHOULD be dropped in the line up to shake up their heads a little? Or are those two untouchable because Soriano is the HOF (laughter ensues) veteran and Rizzo is Theo’s “Golden Boy”? THEY ARE NOT IMMUNE TO GOOD BASEBALL MANAGEMENT. And Barney doesn’t have 5 weeks in but…..he better get going with the bat, his Gold Glove shine is wearing off….

OK, Joey, give me your lineup.

DEJESUS (good enough OBP, best available)
BARNEY (good bat handler, good eye, good at going to right field to advance Dejesus)
SCHIERHOLTZ (one of the best ba of all the “regulars”)
RIZZO (admittedly I will leave him in the middle of the order because he IS driving in runs, has POWER)
CASTRO (wasted run production batting second, could be best hitter on the team, 5-hole will drive in runs and protect Rizzo, lefty/righty mix up)
CASTILLO (has shown he can handle the bat, no easy out)
SORIANO (should have NO PRESSURE in the 7 hole, could help him get hot because he can’t handle being exposed in the clean up hole, or i.e. vs. Dodgers playoffs, etc. spotlight BAD for Soriano!)
VALBUENA (coming on strong lately, offers some protection for Soriano, no easy out at the bottom of the order. If Barney does not respond then I would switch spots.)

Carrie, remember my point is a “shake up” so this is something I would do if I were managing and leave it alone for two-three weeks, seeing if we can turn Rizzo and especially Soriano and Barney around with their hitting. I would also rest Soriano every third day (he’s OLD!!) and easily put in Sweeney in the 7th spot so he doesn’t rust on the bench.

Thanks for the opportunity Carrie, I thought I was on the verge of being banned due to all my Soriano ranting, raving and bashing.

Barney a good “bat handler” seriously??? HAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHA….. ya his .154 average shows that GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t argue that Shierholtz could be batting higher but that would just mean he gets the best stuff from the pitchers and do we really think he can handle that? I sure don’t…. one month of production doesn’t mean he is our best hitter….means he is playing about his means…. Castro in the 5 hole is absolutely the wrong spot for him in the lineup… Castro is a 2 hitter… we need to stop trying to turn him into a run producer because that is NOT what he is… Castro hits… contact hitter… with a homer every now and then… but I will take is 300 ave every day of the week over him trying to hit ALMOST 20hr in a year dipping his average down in the 270s…. NO THANK YOU…..

Joey, what Dale is trying to avoid is having back to back LH hitters (Schierholtz-Rizzo) as well as back to back to back RH (Castro-Castillo-Soriano) so opposing teams can’t easily nullify them with their bullpen. The way he has it set up is LH-RH-LH-RH, etc, etc. The fourth inning Monday night was a rarity this season, but when the lineup is working, it should produce like that — keep the line moving. I understand the desire for change, but have to say, i don’t like your suggestions. Sorry.

I think you made him cry by asking me an not him??? Good one.

not really the tears were from the laughing about barney being in the 2 hole… bc every MLB wishes they could have a guy there who can’t hit it out of the infield

He just hahahahahahaha’d himself right off the board! But that is how you give players the confidence to improve – right??

im confused at what you are trying to say

No offense taken, I’m sure you’re not the only that doesn’t like my suggested line up, no need to apologize. I totally get why managers with ADEQUATE hitters employ the Lefty righty lineups but in this case the Cubs line up is prone to nullification from the onset so there is little if any risk of the outcome of the games becoming WORSE than they have been. We’re talking the Cubs here not the Braves, Cardinals, Tigers….ya know??? With this team there are more sow’s ears than there are silk purses so little difference if the sow is right handed or left handed….still a sow. The change I had in mind could do more for certain players recovering from woeful starts too, I did not have in mind just an instant increase in run production. But let me ask you, DiD it make sense to keep Soriano in the 4 hole the ENTIRE FIRST 5 WEEKS of the season? Especially after last year’s debacle and the REPEATED first month of THIS season? C’mon, a LITTLE change?? Just so us fans know Dale IS paying attention to players tendencies? Leaving him in the 4 hole AGAIN for so long is a little hard to explain other than not wanting to taint Soriano’s ego….
I have to give Sveum more credit than that and believe he is being told to leave Soriano alone from somebody with a higher pay grade or Sveum may be TOO much a “company man” for the tough job of managing a bad team.

My lineup….. dejesus (not a great option but its what we got)…. Castro (leave him there)…. Rizzo (its the best option with what we got right now)…. Soriano (has the first month been good? NO but again best option with what we got)….. Castillo (really playing well right now… hope he can put up these numbers all year)…. Shierholtz (playing well… i think moving him up in the lineup puts way to much pressure on him and would dip his numbers… let him gain value and continue to hit)… Valbueno (his OPS is great right now… can he produce for a whole year?doubt it)…. Barney (everyones luv child from last year is showing why 2B needs an upgrade….. -.5 WAR so far…. NOT GOOD… he can’t hit himself out of a wet paper sack but everytime he gets a hit everyone cheers cause its such a surprise)

this link is a good read on optimized lineups… also why I like castro in the 2 hole and rizzo in the 3 hole…. http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2009/3/17/795946/optimizing-your-lineup-by ….

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