5/6 Ian Stewart update

Ian Stewart was activated from the disabled list and then optioned to Triple-A Iowa on Friday. But Stewart did not play this weekend, opting to take the 72 hours players are given. Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said they discussed the options with Stewart, and the third baseman chose to take time off.

The Cubs had projected Stewart as their starting third baseman this season, and he injured his left quad in his first at-bat of an intrasquad game Feb. 21. He’s been rehabbing since.

“OF course we’re disappointed, Hoyer said of Stewart not being able to contribute. “Last year, we made a trade for him and he had a lot of injuries he was dealing with. This year, we never even had him. It was the first swing of the first game of an intrasquad scrimmage. That’s as early in the season as you can get. He hasn’t had a chance to help us. There’s certainly talent there, left-handed power, and he’s a good defender.”

Stewart was expected to join Iowa on its next road trip in Colorado Springs when the I-Cubs open a four-game series.

— Carrie Muskat


Who cares? This is already a lost season. He can be sent home to rehab his fragile body and perhaps he will be ready to go next April.

Addendum: Mamma, you are so right that Bull`s coach is brilliant. Also, Noah is coming up big in these playoff games. Do not admire him as an individual, but am impressed big time with his desire and effort and refusal to let his team lose.

And Noah is injured; has plantar fascitus(sp?). Is very painful, I`ve heard tell.

ian stewarts numbers are bad at triple A but he is having good at bats and putting the ball in the play. he is still the best 3rd basemen in the cubs organization and he needs to be on the active roster.

You have got to be kidding??? Good AB’s and putting the ball In play are NOT the criteria for a quality, RUN PRODUCING third baseman. C’mon Jamie, think this THROUGH. Valbuena, although I would prefer a more productive third baseman is probably the most pleasant (non-pitching) surprise of the season to date. Stewart now ranks behind Valbuena AND Ransom on my depth chart at least. C’mon.

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is stewart our best 3B??? How about Valbuena’s 868 OPS?? National league average is .729 for 3B…. I will take that any day and every day.

I realize that Colvin and Lamayaheehuuee are not lighting up the Rockies system but they are warm, cheap bodies that could have been use this year instead of the other cheap bodies that Hoystein is using, not to mention the TWO MILLION down the drain. Gotta file this huge blunder in the “Mulligan” drawer, move on and ADDRESS THIRD BASE by 2015 for sure if not sooner.

but honestly there is no NEED for them on this team… Valbueno is OPS’ing 868…… I agree not a long term solution and 3B does need addressed but honestly 3B around the league is down talent wise… its just been a hard position to fill lately. I know some on here can’t get this thru their heads but 2B is in need of an upgrade just as much as 3B is…. not to mention the whole OF luckily we got a couple guys in the minors that should be pretty good (Soler and Almora…both a year or two off)

Knowing that the Cubs will not do well, but all of us still want to be the GM or 2nd guess, why not put the blame where it should be put? The Bullpen!

Valbuena is doing better than Stewart before Stewart went down last year. That’s really an upgrade over last year. Barney is not great at the plate, but has a GG. Soriano had a very slow start, but coming around. Dejesus, what can you say bad about him? Schierholtz, has done his job. Rizzo has 25 RBI’s and his average is climbing. Castro, hitting, errors still there, hopefully due to cold weather and not lack of concentration. Castillo hitting, but like the rest of the team, just cant hit with RISP.

Starting pitching has been great, when bad, its the one big inning they cant get out of.

There is only one good thing to say about the Bullpen who have been responsible for 9 losses. That’s Russell!! You have to mention Greg with his 4 out of 4 saves.
Marmol, Camp, Takahashi, Loe, Rondon and even Fujikawa before getting injured have been AWFUL!

That’s where complaints should be addressed along with Stewart who don’t want to play, Garza who is a very sensitive fellow and Marmol who should be strictly mop up man or sent to the Minors.

I agree the bullpen has been real bad… its been a problem for what 3 years now? When are we going to stop signing stop gap guys and put some players in the bullpen that are established.

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