5/8 Minor matters

Nick Struck gave up five runs on eight hits over 5 2/3 innings in Iowa’s 5-0 loss to Colorado Springs. Zach Putnam threw 1 1/3 shutout innings of relief, striking out one.

Matt Loosen gave up seven runs on four hits over 2 1/3 innings in Tennessee’s 16-0, five-inning loss to Birmingham. The game was called early because of rain. Kyuji Fujikawa was scheduled to pitch but the game was stopped before he could get in. He will pitch on Wednesday.

Ben Wells gave up five runs on seven hits over five innings in Daytona’s 13-3 loss to St. Lucie. Javier Baez hit a solo home run, his sixth, and is batting .238 for the season.

Kane County had Tuesday off, and will open a series against Burlington on Wednesday.


I was wrong about Baez too. I predicted he would excel at record speed at Daytona and be promoted to next level pronto. Instead he’s struggling.

I hear you, Mamma, but I reckon could endure a dose of humility as well. I recall him telling Castillo or someone in the on deck circle at ST to not bother about thinking to coming to the plate , as he was going to end the game with his at bat. Baez did. But, you know. I was not impressed. I admire humility, as LeBron James excudes. Baez is arrogant. Until he embraces humility, he will not succeed, in my humble opinion. Do you all follow myself?

Following…. but the point should be that the recent Cubs teams LACKED a certain amount of arrogance which I think if in the proper dose is a key ingredient for winning the World Series. So Baez has PLENTY OF TIME to understand and adopt some humility but he should not lose his arrogance, just refine it or reign it in. With self confidence AND talent comes some arrogance as well. I for one would not mind a team with plenty of talent, some humility and a little arrogance. It would be a refreshing change of pace…ESPECIALLY THE TALENT!!! 🙂

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