5/12 Cubs lineup

Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s the Cubs lineup:

Castro SS
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Sweeney CF
Navarro C
Barney 2B
Feldman P


CUBS ROCK, CUBS ROCK. We are on our way. Great fun game! Thanks guys!

Way to go Cubs. We’ll take a win any way we can get it. We need to win 2 or 3 of the next series to gain some more ground before we take on the Sox at month end.

Mamma Mia has a valid point. Look at the WP stat for the Cubs staff this year, there have also been a few passed balls. Not sure but think the Cubs had a team record 5 WP’s in one inning this year?

I agree Jasper, Mamma usually brings valid points and substance to this blog. Glad you picked up on that too instead of dismissing it out of hand with a chuckle…. Do you think Gregg will be ACTIVELY shopped by the trade deadline? Which other pitchers do you think will be targeted by Hoystein as trade bait? I’m thinking Feldman, Garza (of course) and maybe Villenueva.

Also don’t forget we got Baker rehabbing also… it remains to be seen what his stuff will be like since his last setback but could be a very good value… But any of Garza, Feldman, Wood, Villenueva could be trade bait. Plus we got Vizcaino in the same situation but a higher ceiling. Someone will get traded its just a matter of when

Joey and Petrey, trades are something I anticipate any time. In fact, I already check often each day. Who will be traded, I have no idea.
Feldman, first three starts were awful, now he looks like an ace. trade him or keep him, he is only 30. Villanueva has been very good all year, can he continue, he will be 30 this year. Wood, I would not trade, in fact I hope he gets a Rizzo/Castro like extension.
Samardzija does not want an extension yet, which leads me to believe he will be asking for every penny he can get come FA time. Depending on what I could get, he is a trade candidate ( my opinion only )
Garza coming back, they are going to have to put him into the rotation hoping he does well to get somebody of quality for him. So do you go to a 6 man rotation or pull someone from the starting rotation?? You also might take into account that Jackson has a history of starting slowly and is ready to get hot.
In another month or so, Baker will be back.
All very tough questions as to trade. In my opinion, Wood is the only untouchable. A 26 y/o lefty who is just starting to figure it out. If he gets traded, I think its a huge mistake.

Shark actually does want an extension… he wants a 5 yr with 2 additional options but the cubs are offering only 4yrs and 1 yr option…. Shark isn’t going anywhere yet. Wood is young and left handed I see your point but honestly he isn’t UNTOUCHABLE. Anyone of these guys is going to take a deal that benefits the Cubs so don’t expect us to just give anyway our surplus pitching. If anything these guys so to the bullpen and sure it up to the point that our weakness then becomes only hitting….. You also won’t be seeing a 6 man rotation IMO. You might see some spot starts and more than likely someone go down injured so they will get their shots. If you were to make me answer the question who is the first to go to the bullpen I would say Villanueva just because I think he would be most comfortable with that role. And about Garza…. his value is crazy low right now, I kinda want to get him locked into a team friendly deal longer term. There are very few top talents becoming FA anymore so why not try and lock him up so our rotation isn’t a problem in the future?

Agreed Jasper, Wood should be considered one of the core “keepers” like Rizzo and Castro possibly valued more than the home grown Shark. Wow, a lot of good starters, a nice problem to have. When you think of it this team could have actually gone far (not WS far…) this year with a bonafide clean up hitter and third baseman. Ironic in a way.

Everything I state petrey is really just my opinion. We are all baseball fans, Cub fans or we would not be here. When I state that Wood is untouchable, that is my opinion. Alot of times for reasons unkown, it takes lefty’s longer to mature or get it. Wood is only 26 (??) and starting to really do well, thats my reasoning and opinion on him.
On Shark, again my opinion but I would do about what you stated the Cubs are offering. Again, my opinion but as Cubs Management you have to evaluate what a guy is worth or his value. Sounds like they did that and made an offer. Should the Shark feel like he is worth more and management dont, trade him ( while there is value ) and let him get more elsewhere. As a life long Cubs fan, I am just a fan, no hero worship, you dont want to Be a Cub, sign a contract, Bye!
You may remember me stating during Spring Training that Barney’s value would never be as high as it is now. Meaning trade him. Marmol, last July, trade him. Garza got hurt, or trade him last July. Heck, I would trade Castro for a nice return, simply because of errors and lack of concentration.
Rizzo and Wood are the only untouchables in my opinion.

Jasper, you are spot on. I don’t think Shark has shown quite enough to put him in a “hold out for more” position. He has come a long way but still is capable of throwing a stinker and making us scratch our heads. If I were the Ricketts I would no doubt like to keep him, but on my terms similar to Rizzo and Castro. If he wants to come a long for what could be an incredible journey, GREAT, if not, trade him with no hard feelings and get something in return. It’s a roll of the dice on both parties but Shark has been around long enough to show he is “lights out” and I frankly don’t think he has shown that. And there is no such thing as “only” 4yrs with an option, THAT is a significant offer and should not be mimimized, as some of the less thoughtful fans would do. I hope they work something out and maybe compromise. I don’t think Shark will be actively shopped, I think a big effort will be put forth to reach that compromise.

listen bud you take everyone of my comments as a negative… the only wasn’t to say I think its too little this or that… the cubs were only offering 4 and 1 yr option compared to what Shark wants a 5 year…… both are significant offers… read how you want but you were twisting my words into something it was not.

i wasn’t bashing you… just throwing my opinion out too…. I was all over the Barney trade too… too bad we missed that boat

petrey was not bashing you at all. Just saying my statements are all opinion. I could better my opinions if I worked in the front office, but I am just your average Cub fan.

much respect bud

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