5/14 Cubs lineup

Carlos Villanueva takes the mound Tuesday in the second game of the Cubs’ three-game series against the Rockies. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Ransom 3B
Barney 2B
Villanueva P


Let`s get four straight. I do not recall doing that prior this season. Please correct me if I`m mistaken. Shoot! I do not recall a 3 game streak this season. It makes my day when Cubs win, and conversely, I get cranky when the opposite result ensues. Have been that way for 52 years. Is why folk have challenges tolerating my sorry behind. Does anyone think there is reason why I could change, or am I beyond help?

Jhosk, you stay just the way you are! If we lose today I will be really cranky right along with you. And I will be eating my dose of chocolates. But let’s hope for 4 in a row – the guys are looking fearsome! Winning is addictive and I think they have caught the bug. Eamus Catuli.

They won three in a row against the Marlins this year, losing the 4th game of that series. A win tonight would give them their first 4 game win streak this season.

Glad to hear that Valbueno will be back on Wed.

I get cranky with a loss also so don’t feel bad…I live and breathe with wins and losses by the cubbies. In fact I often tell people I would give my left arm to go to Wrigley and I’m left handed!! lol

You deserve to go to Wrigley Field, Tracy. Why is that not doable?

Tracy, I know what you mean about dreaming of going to Wrigley. I, too, cannot travel there as I have MS and it would be too hard. Are you able to watch the games on TV? Bless you for caring for two sons in spite of a disability. P.S. I am left handed too. LOL

Villanuevo needs to sit down! Why do they leave him in so long? This is ridiculous! I am getting cranky now!

Is all about pitching, White. That`s the most important aspect of game. We had superb pitching Sunday and Monday and is chief reason we won. Not so much tonight. Villanuevo started the season impressively, but has been very hittable of late. At least Barney broke out of his slump.

Would like to add I`ve heard tell Garza may soon return to active duty. I know it`s difficult to believe, but if true, the Villanuevo slot would be an apt one to slide Matt into.

After last night’s game I would hope Garza will replace Villanuevo. That is if Garza is back to form and can stay healthy. Also don’t see Ransom being a regular. Valbueno has impressed this season. Barney seems to be coming out of the “tweaking” interference of the hitting coach. I could see his face showing his old spark of “bring it on” confidence last night. I agree that we have to keep our pitching strong. Come on back Garza. Getting ready for tonight’s game. We will WIN!

Would also like to say that Schierholtz should play RF rather than Hairston. He should be given chance to hit lefties because Hairston hasn’t been doing it.

I have to agree White, admitting Schierholtz is a pleasant surprise. With that said we are not debating any great performers are we? None of our outfielders are of Allstar or Run producing caliber. I still think that Hairston was a peculiar signing considering we signed Schierholtz for RF. I think the FO is also surprised with Schierholtz’s performance and signed Hairston as a platoon or backup plan, kind of not necessary for this team. With Soriano’s UNDERWHELMING performance I am surprised that Sweeney, Shcierholtz and even Hairston do not get more starts in LF. No doubt that Sveum does not want to upset the veteran Soriano by limiting his play and thereby exposing him as a very replaceable player when the FO must be doing all they can to dump him by the trade deadline. A Catch 22 for Sveum. Just imagine next year’s outfield….could be the start of something special if they bring up Soler by the end of 2014 and trade for some legit run producers. OK, 2015….. sigh…..

you are the only one surprised by that……

White, am impressed to infer from your posts that you get to see all Cubs games, whether they are on WGN or elsewhere. Do you have satellite tv? I envy you. Only times I see games are when I frequented my favorite saloons and they are on WGN or the rare times on MLB tv or one of ESPN’s.

Jhosk, Yes I see every single game on cable TV. I buy the MLB package. Have a large screen so I can see every detail. I have multiple schlerosis and cannot walk much so my loving family has provided me with this luxury! While having MS is horrible I am so blessed to have loving, caring friends and family around me. I love the Cubs and the games so much. And, of course, being from Oregon, Barney is my guy!

White, you are ever so fortunate to have a loving family to look out for your interests. I think of one of those women who was held hostage in that Cleveland home for more than ten long years. I read that she did not and does not have a loving family. I have empathy for all three, but especially her. I heard on news today that a man was bouncing a soccer ball in Oregon and was struck and killed by a pickup in a community with Lincoln
as part of its name. His plan was to trek from Seattle where he began to Brazil, believe it or not. Did you hear about it.

White, you are awesome. Thanks for sharing and being the anti-HWSRN!!! Your politeness means very much to myself and I am sure many other decent human beings that frequent this site. I hope you have a great night with Kitty and Big Screen!!! Go Cubs!! Go Soriano!! Go Hairston!! Go Whoeverisplaying!!! 🙂

M,:-) Is good point you make about Hairston, White. Is another prediction I made which did not pan out, as I commented to joey a few weeks ago that. Hairston would produce.

o but if you ask joey hairston should be starting over soriano… hahahahahahahahaha that turned out well

Jhosk, Yes I read about the man bouncing a soccer ball who was killed in Lincoln City right on the coast highway. Only 42 years old – very sad. He was bouncing the ball all the way to Brazil. Haven’t heard details yet.

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