5/15 Marmol: “I’m not going nowhere”

Carlos Marmol could only laugh at an Internet report Wednesday in which someone overheard the Cubs pitcher saying he wanted out of Chicago and a fresh start.

“I don’t know who that guy is and why he tweeted that,” Marmol said of the alleged conversation, which was reported to have happened in the lobby of his apartment building.

Marmol did meet with his agent, Paul Kinzer, on Wednesday but denied they were talking about finding a way to get the pitcher out of Chicago. Marmol lost his job as the Cubs closer after the first week of the season.

“I’m not going nowhere,” Marmol said. “I’m very happy here. I can’t wait until they do something so I can stay here. I always talk about how I love Chicago, I love being here, I love my teammates, I love everybody here.”

It would be understandable if Marmol was upset considering his role has changed.

“I’m ready in the first inning,” Marmol said. “I always put that in my mind. It’s not easy [to not be the closer] but I can handle it. I’ll pitch whenever.”

Is he bothered by the false report?

“That didn’t come out of my mouth,” Marmol said. “I feel good here. I’m here, and I’m not going nowhere.”

— Carrie Muskat


hey carlos go somewhere for stupid money hope ricketts arent stupid.

Count me among the very few who say keep him on. If not a closer, he still has ridiculous stuff that can get us out of jams.

Carlos said right there that he is going somewhere. He utilized a double negative. He said, “I`m not going nowhere.” Translated, it means he is going somewhere. Does he want to rethink that or is it what he truly means? I have trouble believing he is content with his current role. He performed in essence “mop up” duty recently in a blowout Cubs win. I also know I do not want him back as our closer. He should be content collecting his $10 million salary for this season, and stay quiet.

Addendum: Marmol`s remuneration amounts to highway robbery, as does Soriano`s.

I think Marmol is a great pitcher! I just want to see if get better this season, for some reason he hasn’t been doing well this year, I just hope he keeps practicing and I want to see him as our closer again!

Isabel, Isabel, Isabel…..Great??? C’mon girl! Verlander great, Marmol NOT.

Come on, Isabel. You test my patience. I admire your loyalty, but it is going to take more than practice to make Carlos effective, I`m thinking.

Isabel, I want to compliment yourself for being a solid Cubs fan. I know you are young and I want to see more young folk like yourself support our team. I`m an old fogie on my way out, and I do not want to depart sans knowing there are folk behind myself who will carry on the tradition of cheering for our beloved Cubs to reach that holy grail of a World Championship.

Well said, Jhosk. Isabel will be a Cub’s fan long after we are gone. I am 77 years old. Are you an older fogey than I am? You and I need to keep going a long time to cheer our beloved team on. As for Carlos’s double negative he does not speak English very much but I think he really wants to stay a Cub.

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I`m 67, White, and still a geezer. You are the best, White, and I want to tell you why I assert that. You always answer my questions and comments on this site, something others do not do, and they know exactly who they are. I covet that, White, more than anyone knows. And if I could lift or alleviate or whatever the approriate word is, that evil MS condition you have, I would do so in a New York minute, please believe me, as there is nothing I`m more serious about.

Jhosk, You are not old enough to have earned the Old Geezer status yet! Thank you for your kind thoughts about my MS. I just ask for prayers to help me deal with it. I think the Cubs are going to become a successful team long before many expected them to be. No game today. Just have to wait until the Mets get to town. Go Cubs!

jhosk and white, you two exude class, enthusiasm, CIVILITY and much more….we can all learn from you. Thank you both!!

I am not one to be total negative towards my team or management, but when the Marmol years are over, I will have to celebrate.

I hear ya’ jasper. I’m having a party when we get out from under the stagnation of Soriano’s contract. I know there are people that like Soriano on this team as there are people that like Marmol on this team. To each their own. I’m just saying I understand your feelings toward Marmol and wish you much celebration….and soon!!

Awww you guys area so sweet! Don’t worry I will keep the tradition going! I promise! I will never turn my back on them, ever. But I do understand that practice isn’t what Marmol needs but Im just trying to see the positive in it. I think it’s him getting older that he doesn’t have the speed anymore. But I do wish he did. Man I remember it like it was yesterday. Marmol was our best closer. Kind of like our secret weapon. All we had to do was put him in the 9th to garentee our wins! Once we put him in he would throw up to 95 mph! Maybe more…man those were the days..🙂 But don’t worryb guys, I’ll always be a die hard Cubs fan! Promise.

Isabel – You are so right remembering our secure feelings when Marmol came in as closer. Pretty awesome. For whatever reason he hasn’t been able to produce wins lately. We seem to have a good bullpen to use as closers and unless Marmol can get his groove back I think he won’t be our closer anymore. AND YES – you will have to be a Cubs fan forever. it is your job! LOL

I think since he is getting older his arm isn’t what it use to be! And don’t worry I’ll never leave my Cubs. Have you ever heard that quote “I bleed Cubie Blue” ? Well that’s me! LOL

I think we all bleed Cubbie Blue. I think we all pull for everyone that puts on the Cub uniform, should it be Marmol or Soriano or Milton Bradley. The bottom line is, it is a business. We are fans or investors of that business.
When someone is not doing the job, it makes it harder on the rest of the team. So as soon as the non performing member, retires or finds another job, our business is suffering.

Boy, Milton Bradley was a tough one to root for….but as it turns out it didn’t matter for very long.
That is the first line on Hendry’s resume, or is it Soriano’s 8 years? No, wait, Zambrano’s extension? Well jasper you ARE correct as I have at one point or another rooted for all those players to do well as one of our Cubs. And boy are you absolutely correct about when they don’t do their job how hard it is on the rest of the team (and us fans). A one hundred and 4 year old love-hate relationship at it’s best.

Thanks Joey, the kind comments are appreciated.

I am just an average Cubs fan. When I state; from the business aspect that we Die Hard Cub fans are investors, I am meaning that; when we buy Cubs Tickets, buy a Beer or Hot Dog, Souvenier, go to the store and purchase a Cubs Hat, Jersey, T-shirt, buy a yearbook or program we are investing in our business.

So as an investor, I could not have been happier to see Epstein, Hoyer and crew arrive and become accountable for mine and our investments. They are doing great.

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