5/15 Post-game notes

* Anthony Rizzo picked up his 20th extra-base hit of the season with a double in the first. He is batting .392 since April 26 with nine doubles, three home runs, 16 RBIs.

* Jeff Samardzija picked up his first win since Opening Day, ending a five-game losing streak. His two-run homer was the first by a Cubs pitcher since Travis Wood did so Aug. 28 against the Brewers.

* David DeJesus notched his 500th career RBIs with his first inning home run.

* The Cubs have 24 doubles in the last six games, and lead the Majors with 92 doubles.

* Darwin Barney made a great defensive play in the fourth when he snared Carlos Gonzalez’s hard hit ball up the middle and threw in time to first.

“The one thing you do with Barney on defense is you don’t worry about it,” Dale Sveum said. “He’s either going to make a great play, and he never messes up any routine plays, even the pivot around second base.”

* Matt Garza makes a Minor League rehab start Thursday for Triple-A Iowa.

“It’s only going to get better when we get him back here,” Samardzija said. “Obviously, we want him to be healthy and that’s the most important thing.”

— Carrie Muskat


Cubs Win – Beautiful game! Smardj finally got a win he so deserves. Barney’s defense continues to impress. WOW. His bat is heating up beautifully. Rizzo, DeJesus, – they are grooving now. The whole team seems to be more determined than ever to win and they work well together. I think we are on the way to bigger and better days.

Or….we are on the way to trading Dejesus while the getting is good???

Joey – I don’t want to trade DeJesus. He is doing exactly what is needed. Why do we always seem to trade away our seasoned proficient players for some “pie in the sky maybe he’ll be better” player? I get tired of “the grass is always greener” mentality. What do you want to get while the getting is good?

White, we don’t always do it but that DOES seem to be the trend and motive of operationing for Epstein. Clearly with just one year left on Dejesus’s contract and him NOT being part of the long term rebuild I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded for as many young players (a third baseman? a starting pitcher?) as Hoystein can get in order to stock the system and try to address some weak areas. Dejesus IS doing a good job, no doubt but is a rather replaceable outfielder as he is not an impact type player. Good yes, good enough to help a contender as a fourth outfielder or maybe as a platoon player. Don’t you think ALL of our outfielders are fair game for trade? I think Hoystein will listen to all offers should they come calling. We do not have ONE major league outfielder that is a “must keeper”. Sorry if I got the hair on the back of kitty to stand up!!! Just sayin….it’s how things are with this regime.

Agree with you 100%. In 2-3 years, the Cubs outfield will probably be Matt Szczur, Brett Jackson, Jorge Soler left to right, with Albert Almora knocking on the door to the Majors. DeJesus is a good player, but not part of the long term plan. Don’t get fooled by a couple of 3-game series in mid-May, the Cubs aren’t as good as any of the other teams in the division, so why not trade a decent over-30 player under contract thru next season at the latest for a couple of prospects (especially pitching prospects… can’t have enough arms in the minors) who might be able to help when the Cubs expect to be among the best in the division and the NL again? That’s not a realistic expectation for this year, probably not next year either. 2015 could be when the window finally opens, and that’s what the Cubs need to start planning for right now.

I don’t see that happening… very rare when an OF in all home grown… I would say those 3 could be on the ML roster but not starters…

Well yeah. Those are the projected starters 2-3 years from now based on what’s in the organization right this moment. You can’t project who they will sign or trade for in the next 2-3 years, so you can only project based on what you know. My point was that DeJesus is not projected as being part of the outfield in 2-3 years, and since the Cubs are now building for 2-3 years from now, he’s expendable. And yeah, if the Cubs can get someone good to bump any of those guys out of the mix or if they draft someone this year who rapidly ascends in the minors, then of course their actual starting outfield in 2015-16 will be different than it currently projects.

Agree with Joey and Doug, however I do understand Whites point.

We complain when the team is losing. Without guys like Dejesus, we would be doing alot of complaining. So if we, ( Joey, Doug, myself ) get what we are wishing for, it is going to make 2013 a very long season after the trade deadline.

Say that Dejesus is traded for prospects: Who replaces him right now? Ok, no problem, Hairston. Trade Soriano for prospects; Who replaces him now? No problem, Borbon.
Who replaces Hairston & Borbon? Theres a problem.

There are lots of guys to trade for prospects, but we must understand that it will weaken the team right now. Thus when we complain, we also must understand that we are hoping for loses to become winners in the future.

My opinion only; Only two untouchables, T Wood and Rizzo.

Depending on whats out there and great deal for the future, I would trade Castro, Barney, Shark, Soriano, Feldman, Baker, Garza, Villanueva and anyone else that makes the Cubs stronger at the end of 2014 and very competitive in 2015.

Right Jasper. I think we can handle being 5 games under .500 or 50 games under. Whatever it takes to become like the Braves, St. Louis etc. Bring on the REALLY bad. It’s the going “half way” that bothers me the most. Half way are the DeJesuses and Haristons etc. and fooling ourselves into “playing with the big dogs”. Ain’t happeining. BTW, I’d hang on to Castro, too good a hitter to give up on. If he can’t handle SS there’s always the outfield….we’ve seen it happen before!!! Ha!

I dont know that we are being fooled with Dejesus, Hairston, Scherlotz excetra. I think management is trying to be a little competitive while trying to get by until prospects do start arriving.
There would be alot of revenue gone not selling tickets. Fine line between building and keeping the fan coming to the ballpark. They have to be semi competitive at a very reasonable cost.
Therefore, Hairston, Dejesus, Scherholtz, Feldman, Villenueva and so on. None are Super Stars.
Again, just an opinion from an average fan.

Point taken. They have achieved once again the Holy Grail of little competition. Was Hairstion needed in order to be a little competitive? I think not. It’s all moot until 2015 probably don’t you think Jasper?

Hairston was not a favorite signing, however I undertsand it. He was signed to platoon with Scherholtz, Sherholtz has worked out so far against RH pitchers, Hairston has not against LH pitchers, making his signing look bad so far. Long season ahead yet, hope he gets hot.
But so far, you are definately correct.

I personally like Dejesus and Scherholtz in the outfield and think we are better with them. Seems like some of you want the whole team traded (Barney and Castro..come on!!) what would you guys build around then?

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