5/17 Extra bases

* The Cubs are 12-10 since April 23, and have won six of their last nine games after losing five of six, April 30-May 5.

* With 40 games played, the Cubs are roughly a quarter of the way through the season. They’re batting .249 with 93 doubles, 44 homers, 160 runs scored and 28 stolen bases, and on pace to finish the season with 377 doubles, 178 home runs, 648 runs scored and 113 stolen bases. The club record for doubles in a season is 340, set both in 1931 and in 2007. Last year, the team hit .240 with 265 doubles, 137 home runs, 613 runs scored and 94 stolen bases.

* In 24 quality starts, Cubs pitchers have recorded a 1.92 ERA yet have just 10 victories. Only three NL teams have more quality starts than the Cubs: the Cardinals (28), Phillies (27) and Nationals (25). The Cardinals starters have 18 wins in their quality starts, the Phillies have 13 and the Nationals 16.

* The Cubs are batting .339 (19-for-56) with runners in scoring position in their last five games dating to May 11. However, the team’s .208 season average with RISP is lowest in the Majors. Nate Schierholtz leads the Cubs with a .323 average (10-for-31) with RISP.

* Here are the pitching matchups for the Cubs vs. Mets series:

Friday: RHP Edwin Jackson (1-5, 6.02) vs. RHP Matt Harvey (4-0, 1.44)
Saturday: RHP Scott Feldman (3-3, 2.53) vs. RHP Jeremy Hefner (0-4, 4.61)
Sunday: LHP Travis Wood (4-2, 2.03) vs. RHP Dillon Gee (2-5, 6.13)


Harvey, a tough righty….sounds like a good time for a day off for Soriano, God forbid. I’m just saying a day off here and there would be the thing to do and why not against a tough right handed pitcher? I am not leading a lynch mob, a day off, that’s all…

bc there is no one better on the bench… plain and simple… if you aren’t leading a lynch mob why do you hate on him everyday? Seriously there are multiple posts on you hating on him EVERYDAY… it gets old bro

Joey is rignt about Harvey. This boy is one of best young arms in the game. Many scouts say he has more upside than Strasburger. Jackson had better give us a quality outing today if we are serious about defeating the Mets today.

Granted Harvey has been great and may be great today. Shall the Cubs just take off and give him the victory or play the game?

Thats kinda why I love baseball, guys like Palmer, Clemens, Koufax, Spahn, Jenkins, Marichal, Maddux, Morris, Lee, Drysdale, Gibson, Carlton and so many more great pitchers all lost a game here & there.

Jasper, if gave the impression I wanted to SURENDER I apologize. My point being that in general all managers pick and choose WHEN to give a player a day off for a variety of reasons. Today’s opponent seemed to make a case for giving an aging veteran with a slowing bat the day off, and at the same time inserting another left handed bat. Not a hatred of Soriano. Harvey will get his losses and one may very well come today at the hands of our Cubs and Soriano may have a game winning RBI….I HOPE SO…because he is in the lineup. Somebody ON THE BENCH may be a better alternative when facing Harvey, it’s not impossible for a left handed role player to have a good day just as it is not impossible for Harvey to get a loss. But, I get carried away as I am sure YOU understand what I meant.

Did not see today`s game nor hear radio broadcast, but did try. Saw updates of game on ESPN crawl, and when I saw that the Cubs were down 3-2 in sixth inning and again in the seventh, I thought to myself, we do not come from behind and win this kind of game very often. Until we become THAT team, one with players who have the stones to dig down deep and get clutch hits, we will not be a good team. It may happen later this year, or next year, or the season after that, or it may never happen. Is a pity a good pitching effort by our boys was wasted. Mets are not a very good team, and we should prevail over them playing head to head, especially in our building. I`m cranky.

Even White is not responding tonight. Is a very peculiar time, indeed.

Thanks for that, Mamma.

Good Morning. Saw the game yesterday and was stunned when 3rd base coach sent Barney. Barney didn’t have a chance with Byrd’s strong throw. Glad that Sveum and 3rd base coach admitted their error. Anyway – my sister and brother-in-law are visiting from Connecticut so they can enjoy today’s game with me! Their son (orthopedic surgeon)and daughter-in-law ( neurosurgeon) live in Chicago and are avid Cub’s fans and avid Barney fans. It runs in the family! TskTsk on Byrd for doing that to his former teammates. He used to buy Barney’s breakfast at Spring Training when he thought he needed to gain weight. Time to get back on the winning rail. Eamus Catuli

Yes, White, is hard to be critical of Byrd. Have had impression for long while he is decent man; did have a substance abuse issue a while back, but who is without imperfections? Let`s get a win today. We don`t want you cranky with your family visiting. Today`s Mets pitcher is not nearly as stalwart as Friday`s starter, and our Feldman has been excellent of late.

All I have to say is one word…FELDMANIA!!!!

Yes, Tracy, I concur. As our manager asserted, Feldman has pitched as well as anyone in mlb over past five games or so.

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