5/17 Garza says he’s ready

As far as Matt Garza is concerned, he’s ready to return to the Cubs rotation. On Thursday night, Garza gave up two hits, struck out six, hit a batter and did not walk anyone over six scoreless innings for Triple-A Iowa. It was his fourth rehab start, and second with Iowa.

“I don’t need another start down here,” Garza told the Des Moines Register after the game. “There’s no reason for me to stay in the Minor Leagues.”

Cubs manager Dale Sveum said the plan is to re-evaluate Garza after Thursday’s outing to decide whether he needs another. Sveum said they wanted him to go 85-95 pitches, and he threw 75, 53 for strikes.

If it’s up to the Garza, he’s ready now.

“I don’t need another one here,” Garza said. “They might differ on opinion but I think all in all, it comes down to what I want and the way I feel. The organization — they’re going to make the call at the end of the day but I think we’re going to collaborate and come to some sort of compromise.”

— Carrie Muskat


Is about time this dude returns and earns his keep. Baseball players are the most coddled segment of society. Have been around them and can tell you many have tunnel vision and know only about the baseball world. Are narrow; i.e. are not deep thinkers. I generalize, am not specifically referring to Garza, or anyone else for that matter. Just venting. Hope Matt has corrected his issues regarding making simple tosses to bases from his pitching position. If he has not and I were a major league manager, I would order all mny batters to bunt, and make certain Garza fields that bunt, as in the past, he has panicked and can`t make the simple toss to the base to nail the runner.

Where is everyone? Am not getting any feedback. Is anyone out there? I covet challenges. I want someone to disagree with myself.

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