5/19 Friday & Saturday Minor League games

Ian Stewart had two hits and scored a run in Iowa’s 4-2 loss to Tucson on Saturday. Chris Rusin took the loss, giving up three earned runs over 6 2/3 innings. On Friday, Logan Watkins hit his third hom erun and Brett Jackson was 4-for-5 in Iowa’s 9-8 loss to Tucson. Josh Vitters had two hits.

Dallas Beeler gave up two earned runs over six innings in Tennessee’s 7-5 win over Chattanooga on Saturday. Arismendy Alcantara hit his fifth home run. On Friday, Kyle Hendricks gave up three runs over seven innings in Tennessee’s 4-3 win over Chattanooga. Matt Szczur had two hits and Christian Villanueva had three hits, including two doubles, and one RBIs. It was Hendricks’ fifth quality start.

Zach Cates gave up three runs over 5 2/3 innings and Ben Carhart hit his first home run in Daytona’s 6-5 victory over Lakeland. On Friday, Jorge Soler and Dustin Geiger were a combined 8-for-8 and Yeiper Castillo gave up one run over seven innings in Daytona’s 5-1 victory over Lakeland in the first game of a doubleheader. Soler hit his sixth home run and posted his first four-hit game of the season. Geiger hit three doubles among his four hits and had four RBIs.

In the second game, Daytona won, 7-4, for the sweep. Soler was 3-for-6 with a double, and batting .297 for the season. Geiger went 3-for-4 with a double and RBIs. Javier Baez was 2-for-5 with a triple and scored three runs.

Pierce Johnson threw six shutout innings and struck out nine in Kane County’s 4-0 win over Cedar Rapids. Rock Shoulders and Oliver Zapata both homered, with Zapata finishing with three hits. On Friday, Dillon Maples gave up two runs over five hits in Kane County’s 4-3, 12-inning loss to Cedar Rapids.


I am not concerned with how our minor league clubs performed at the moment. I am very unhappy we lost to the Mets today. I`m fed up with our position players. Our starting pitching has been stellar, and it was again today. My God. Even when we score runs, it`s been due to our starting pitching. See Feldman yesterday and Wood today. Our positiopn players suck for most part when it comes to driving in runners in scoring position. Our position player do not have balls. And I`m not citing baseballs. If I were a position player on this tream, and not producing, I`d be embarrassed

It`s spelled team, I know, and forgot the period, but I`m still just as pissed. I could scream!!!

I think we`re last in entire major leagues in driving in runners is scoring position. I believe Carrie told us that multiple times.

I`m hoping Keller can teach these boys how to deliver with runners in scoring position, because that`s our desperate need. Am not even familiar with Geiger. Feel I have too much information regarding Soler with his rage issues etc.

Those are apt observations you both make. Having difficulty finding info. re: Dustin Geiger. Is he an outfielder? Am inferring from the remarks here that he has some upside.

Geiger is a 1B/LF…. quietly doing a good job in the minors…

Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers has 47 rbi already this season. He obviously knows what to do with RISP. Why can`t we sign players like that instead of hitters who are impotent at when placed in that scenario?

We may very well sign (or trade for) a player like THAT, one never knows. I think if a player like that is the one (or two?) missing ingredient(s) for a sustained run at the division title Hoystein will get it done. Why we haven’t in the past? Hendry considered Soriano a player like THAT (laughable to this day) and players like Bradley and Pena high end, productive players. Comical.
BUT THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Keep your fingers crossed Hoystein makes up for some of those organization devastating contracts by Hendry. Who knows….we may have just signed one in Rizzo???

various reasons for no talk regarding a Soriano trade? You’re being kind as we all know there is one reason there is no talk of a trade. Nobody wants him (including Sveum more than likely).

Could Geiger one day be one of those guys also, joey? Someone please tell me about Geiger. Am intrigued.

jhosk, see the “minor matters” topic, mamma did a thorough job describing Geiger.

Thanks ,joey.

As I stated above, it is probably time for Barney to go – to go anywhere. Since he is doing nothing but irritating Cubs fans with his lack of hitting than management should get rid of his sorry performance. I think the debate over his value is over. Maybe if they dump Barney the Cubs will have a better season. And the fans will have what they want. I am sure they have someone set and ready to pay 2nd base. Castro and Rizzo can carry the team and have no need for Barney’s input. Whoever they put at 2nd will do just fine and the fans can relax about not having him at bat. I do hope he can find a team to play on. We shall see if he is worth anything at all.

there is no need to DUMP barney… he is cheap and under control… a great guy to have coming off the bench… dumping him doesn’t help… getting a return for him or sitting him on the bench and letting valbeuno play 2B while bringing Vitters or Lake (still hurt) up would be great. As of right now we just don’t have much to replace him with. I am just happy to see that you guys realize Barney isn’t a core piece for this team going forward. He is a bench piece IF THAT…. defense only provides so much value

You must be so glad Petrey – Barney “sucks”, Barney “sucks”! Everyone is happy now! That is what we want – happy fans. Barney “sucks” – Cubs “suck”. End of story. Amen. Debate over.

White, it is not good to see you write as such and I am sorry I played a part. Logically Barney does not bring much offense right now but remember, as I said more than likely he will be here the rest of the season to prove his worth. His defense is stellar….now what other position player can claim ANY part of their talent is stellar? None. They should leave Barney alone and be happy if he finds his way back to a Punch and Judy style of hitting .250. If he can do that combined with his defense he certainly is a keeper. Let Hoystein find some run production from the outfield and third base LIKE HE SHOULD! Right?

Joey, Barney needs to go! If not for the sake of the “Stellar” Cubs then for his own self esteem. Knowing that the fans think he “sucks” I think he probably would prefer not to “muck” up the Cubs chances for glory anymore. His contribution to the team seems to not be worth a damn. Eamus Catuli

Start the “Geiger Counter”!!!!

Yep, too many times it at least appears that some of our players swing for the fences. I am done waiting for Soriano to find the fountain of youth, HIS type of “production” is not needed on this team and I was happy to see Sweeney get a start. Sveum even opted to leave Sweeney in to face a left instead of pinch hitting Soriano. Not really a logical move in that circumstance but it may show that Sveum has found some stones….Sweeney had a good day at the plate and was a better defensive option than Soriano for the late innings so he left him in there. Good for Sveum!! At this pace it seems like we can win just as many games with or without Soriano. Is he now waiting until JUNE to contribute as a clean up hitter should? Rizzo is progressing nicely with HIS batting average and run production yet still has some learning and fine tuning to do but it will come as he is on the rise, not much will come anymore from Soriano…three years too many on that deal…

Lack of the needed talent level to compete. Simple. I think Rizzo and Castillo will get to that level sooner rather than later but all the other position players are LACKING in one way or the other. The entire outfield does not produce enough runs and all should be traded by years end. Valbuena, despite the man love from Sveum is not a run producing third baseman and should be relegated to a back up role (on a good team), Castro is still error prone, Barney is too weak a hitter (c’mon White, Isabel….you have to hit at least .250 to make allow your gold glove to keep your job….). A majority of the roster needs turning over and hopefully with home grown talent within the next year or two.

Absolutely right, Joey. Probably time to trade Barney to a team who needs a half-way decent 2nd baseman. Maybe they can turn him into a keeper. The Cubs sure don’t need to put up with his non-hitting anymore. It will be up to Castro and Rizzo to carry this team to glory now. They will have to make up for all the runs Barney has saved the other team from getting but they can do it! Go Cubs.

i agree… glad to see some of you are starting to see barney for what he really is…

If Barney was replicating his 2012 stats we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Barney no doubt is a tremendous asset for his defense but he can also be a luxury this team can’t afford. Luckily for Barney the Cubs are going nowhere this year and he will have the rest of the season to turn his offense around….unless Hoystein gets an offer he can’t refuse from a team that CAN afford a defensive specialist late in the game in order to compete for a title.

It could happen for Barney too. The Riot and Mighty Mike are examples of what I am talking about, both wound up on teams that can afford them (roster wise more so than financially) as role players and not as key starting players. If Barney does not hit .250 relatively soon his value will be quickly diminished.

at some point it has to be a talent deficiency… a coach can only do so much…

Good point Mamma. Especially if Garza is on a pitch limit, double plays may make or break him tonight who knows? I think White may be a little miffed with all the negative Barney talk and I admit I have contributed to her despair. White, PLEASE CHEER UP Barney will be ok!!

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