5/22 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face another left-hander Wednesday in Pittsburgh’s Francisco Liriano. Julio Borbon gets another start in center as well. Here’s the lineup:

Borbon CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Ransom 3B
Barney 2B
Samardzija p


A sign of lack talent on a team is when a manager has an “auto pilot” button ready to make the line up out putting players in based on right handed hitting vs. left handed pitching and vice versa. Or is that a sign of a lack of a talented manager? If players are VERY GOOD (I suppose Rizzo is as close to that as we have) they play in all games (well most…) regardless of the pitchers preferred throwing arm. I don’t mind it at this point and with this team but I must ask after all the man love from Sveum toward Valbuena and touting Valbuena’s defense….why WOULDN’T Valbuena get all starts until he NEEDS a day off? Why WOULDN’T Schierholtz start over the inferior Hairston? Why WOULDN’T Dejesus start over the inferior…..SORIANO!! ZING!!
The guys benched today are THAT bad vs. lefties??? A lefty Is on the mound and it’s time to go to defcon 4? Oh well, here’s hoping all the right handed “subs” get hot today so they can play again…..vs. the occasional left hander that is. Gosh, when is that trade deadline again??

Good call Joey. How’d that lineup work out, Dale? Idiot.

Thanks for all the input I received regarding the likelihood of our dealing our best starting pitchers during this season. NOT!

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