5/22 Pirates 1, Cubs 0

On Opening Day, Jeff Samardzija held the Pirates to two hits over eight scoreless innings and picked up the win. Pittsburgh got that many hits in the first inning alone on Wednesday, which was just enough.

Garrett Jones smacked a RBI single in the first to back Francisco Liriano, who struck out nine over seven innings, and lift the Pirates to a 1-0 victory over the Cubs.

Samardzija was the winning pitcher on April 1 at PNC Park in the Cubs’ 3-1 victory but took the loss on Wednesday. It was his first defeat in 15 career games (four starts) against the Pirates, and first loss in nine games (four starts) in Pittsburgh. The right-hander did strike out eight and scattered three hits over seven innings.

In the Pirates’ first, Andrew McCutchen doubled with two outs and scored on Jones’ single. That was all Liriano needed.

The Cubs have struggled with runners in scoring position, and failed again in the third. Chicago loaded the bases with none out but Julio Borbon hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing the runner at home, then Starlin Castro struck out, and Anthony Rizzo flew out to right.

Chicago entered the game batting .218 with runners in scoring position, worst in the National League, and went 0-for-6 for the game.

— Carrie Muskat


It was a tough loss. I feel for Garza and tonight’s loss was tough too, but really this whole year is about learning curves. I’m not worried. They’re playing a lot better than last year.

The hitless wonders. That`s what the Cubs are. Losing defines them. Is beyond frustrating. Fans deserve better than this mess.

Rizzo and Castro may be critical pieces for this team going forward, but is also true they both have areas of their games which requiring honing. Jury is still out as far as I`m concerned whether either of these boys will ever be future major league stars and leaders.

Worst part is those ABs with runners on 3rd were horrible! Castro was ahead 2-1 on the count with bags loaded and he swung at two straight pitches that bounced in.

It’s the “Soriano Effect” as that is how Soriano usually strikes out….on bad pitches. Pathetic. Didn’t Soriano…..I should say wasn’t Soriano ALLOWED to take Castro under his wing when Castro first came up? Soriano, such a GOOD GUY! Always smiling, never makes waves….blah, blah, blah…MENTOR????? HARDLY!! We may be seeing the “pay-off” for having him STILL AROUND! …. It is now almost JUNE, anybody else think Soriano may be juuuuuust a little behind his slow start from last season? Does this guy look done to anybody else? What are the odds Soriano will ever get PITCHED AROUND again? Why would any opposing pitcher fear this guy the way he hacks at everything to come up with singles and doubles and an OCCASIONAL RBI? Ooops, just when I said I would back off the criticism….I had to go and watch a game again and be reminded of how undisciplined Soriano is and how it may be rubbing off on Castro. Castro should go play for Sandberg for the rest of the year and come back in 2014.

ya everything is soriano’s fault… you are right… makes total sense…

OMG c’mon Rizzo! Rizzo has been in a slump but he needs to get back on track. For example the first game that we played the Pirates, after Barney scored, he had some balls that could have hit & were right down the middle! And the umpire called them balls, and other ones he hit them to the foul territory. Like really?? And then the last night he didn’t do well either! I love Rizzo because I know he is a great player, but I just hope he does better now!🙂

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