5/22 Pitching & hitting

It’s not a good sign when the players with the most RBIs for the month are the pitchers. So far, Cubs pitchers have combined for 13 RBIs in May, and were batting .316 (12-for-38) with two home runs for the month. Outfielder Alfonso Soriano also has driven in 13 runs in May with three home runs.

Among the rest of the Cubs’ batters this month, Anthony Rizzo and Nate Schierholtz each have 10 RBIs in May, Starlin Castro has nine, David DeJesus has eight, catchers Welington Castillo and Dioner Navarro have three each, and the third base combo of Luis Valbuena and Cody Ransom three total.

In 2011, Cubs pitchers collected five RBIs for the season. Last year, they drove in 11. These pitchers take hitting seriously.

Here’s the pitcher-by-pitcher breakdown and their performance with runners in scoring position. The team is batting .218 with RISP; the pitchers are batting .286 (8-for-28):

Matt Garza 1-for-1 RISP, 2 RBIs
Scott Feldman 3-for-9 RISP, 4 RBIs
Edwin Jackson 1-for-2 RISP, 2 RBIs
Jeff Samardzija 1-for-5 RISP, 2 RBI, 1 HR
Travis Wood 2-for-4 RISP, 3 RBI, 1 HR
Carlos Villanueva 0-for-7 RISP, 0 RBI

— Carrie Muskat


o you mean soriano has more RBIs than anyone else on the team???? MAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN thats weird……..

Even if Garza’s outing didn’t statistically qualify as a quality start, it was a quality start. And as this post shows, the starters have been carrying their share of the offense. (How can a team lead its league in extra base hits and doubles and not be whomping opponents with 5 or 6 runs per game? Because the offense is not getting key hits and making quality outs.) To be making a small climb up the standings and possibly inching toward .500 and to be beating a team 8 games above .500 on the road makes that 6th inning debacle one of the stinkiest and putrid innings of Cubs baseball I’ve witnessed for some time.

im a little confused on why Villanueva wouldn’t be the first one up in a long relief situation…. wasn’t his last appearance the 14th? Which would have given him plenty of rest…. idk I guess I would’ve done it that way

That is strange for somebody to think 15 is more than 30 as Rizzo’s 30 RBI’s would qualify him having the most RBI’s on the team. Somebody’s calculator must be bad. 13 RBI’s in May plus the “whopping” two in all of April give Soriano 15. Amazing for a clean up hitter. If he keeps up this pace of RBIs and home runs…well…nothing much will happen…

i believe the article was about MAY so I was talking about MAY… but good reading comprehension… wait… i mean miscomprehension… pretty much the story of your posts on here… miscomprehension of all things

Is time for Happy Hairston to be demoted. Rondon needs to join him. .115 b.a. and 6.19 era don’t cut it. Hairston made a fool of me , as I pedicted he would contribute. Did not perform this way for Mets. Rondon has been unimpressive for long while. Why was he even in last night’s contest?

I agree jhosk and I was also fooled by Hairston. Even with his limited play he should have shown more. Well, we’re not the only ones fooled evidently……Mr. Hoyer….what say you?

i will just say I was NOT fooled by Hairston… thank you

Is good to see Barney’s b.a. above Mendoza line. Let’s sees it continue climbing.?

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It’s weird for sure, but not entirely bad. I think everyone else can pick up the pace, but it could it’s a gift wrapped treat for the Cubs. Who knows?

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