5/23 Cubs vs. Reds

The Cubs open a three-game series against the Reds on Friday. Here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: RHP Scott Feldman (4-3, 2.19) vs. RHP Bronson Arroyo (4-4, 3.28)
Saturday: LHP Travis Wood (4-2, 2.24) vs. RHP Homer Bailey (2-3, 3.09)
Sunday: RHP Matt Garza (0-0, 0.00) vs. RHP Johnny Cueto (2-0, 3.22)

* If you’re looking ahead to the Cubs vs. White Sox Interleague series, Chicago will go with Jeff Samardzija on Monday, Edwin Jackson on Tuesday, Feldman on Wednesday and Wood on Thursday.


Who is going is more about who is available. DeJesus is a desireable outfielder for some teams with injury/depth concerns. No team will pay for Soriano. The youngsters are having some hitting problems. Most of the starting and bench players are not going to bring much in trade. The starting pitching has been really good except for Jackson. A trade requires another team to accept your trade and give up something we might want. Momma, are you in the know; wishing and hoping; or just tired of being frustrated like most of us?

Momma, who are the “chips” of such great value? Some commentators seem to think we only have “buffalo chips”. What would be the expected return for a starting pitcher like Wood or Feldman right now?

Momma, We are hurting way down the line at third base. It will take a trade or a position switch to resolve that problem. I think you are right about our hoped- for prospects. We may be waiting longer for less. I would like to be very wrong about the length of the wait and the quality of the results.

Who do you see going, Mamma Mia?

I won’t buy into that. If another team wants one of our players they will offer a package, it may be a take it or leave it offer but I think they would at least try to get a few of our players like Garza, Dejesus, Barney, Feldman and Soriano. (I know, I had to put him in there just to keep the dream alive…)

Oh, get what you’re saying Mamma and believe you but I think the Cubs have some chips to deal and the owners’ stance may soften if a good player CAN BE HAD. Right?

Mamma, if we can come away with just one AA or AAA player that can make the team by the end of this season or break camp next season I will be satisfied. More A and AA players for our system would be ok too but I would really like to see a TOP prospect make it to the bigs by next year to help pave the way for Soler who I think will advance early if he can be paired with another quality young outfielder or third baseman acquired via trade.

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