5/26 DeJesus: We have to keep working

Cubs players gave each other a little pep talk during a recent team meeting on this road trip. The topic? Be patient at the plate, work the count, have good at-bats.

“The team came together and we had a little meeting about our approaches at the plate,” David DeJesus said. “We just have to stay with [the approach] and trust it. If one at-bat goes bad, don’t just throw it away — just keep going. It’s going to work in your favor. Just keep trusting it.”

The season hasn’t gone the way the Cubs expected, and the players talked about that, too.

“We’re saying, ‘It’s a long year, we have plenty of games left, but we have to keep battling and can’t give up just because we have a couple bad outcomes,'” DeJesus said. “We can’t throw away what we’ve worked on since Spring Training. You have to go up there and have the same approach every at-bat,” he said. “You can’t just go up there swinging. We have to keep working and keep understanding.”

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

DeJesus is just about the only one that has the qualificatons to speak of plate discipline on this team but A COUPLE….of bad outcomes? Really?

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