5/26 Draft day

The Cubs appear to be focusing on four players for the upcoming First-Year Player Draft, to be held June 6: pitchers Jonathan Gray of Oklahoma and Mark Appel of Stanford and third basemen Kris Bryant of San Diego and Colin Moran of North Carolina. The Cubs have the second overall pick in the first round, behind the Astros. Manager Dale Sveum has watched video of the top prospects.

“Now we’re down to the core guys,” Sveum said Sunday. “It’s interesting to keep up with them and watch the video. There’s new video that comes up sometimes. You don’t get to see, like with Bryant, you don’t get to see him taking ground balls and the other day there was nice video of him taking ground balls and showing his arm angles.”

Bryant has hit 30 home runs entering conference tournament play, and played for Team USA over the summer. A right-handed bat, he impressed Sveum as did Moran, a left-handed hitter, considered a better pure hitter than Bryant.

“[Moran] is another polished-type hitter at that age already,” Sveum said. “He has a Robin Ventura-type swing and presence at the plate. He has really good plate disicipline and not really the power numbers that Bryant can put up. Bryant is a big 6-foot-5, some kind of leverage at the plate. Two different hitters, one’s right, one’s left. It’s fun to watch them.”

Sveum also has seen video of Gray and Appel.

“They’re pretty special arms,” Sveum said. “They’re two different guys. Appel is so advanced as far as his secondary pitches and Gray can just power you away with easy life on the fastball. It looks like it’s showing 85 [mph] and it’s 100. They’re both pretty good. I don’t know if one separates from the other one.”

— Carrie Muskat


Appel or Gray, they need to develop some top notch pitchers, got enough good prospects for infield and outfield.

Is my impression the powers that be are leaning toward selecting a pitcher. Is intelligent to do so, but one never knows. Who knew at the time we would have profited more by selecting Mauer rather than Prior several years ago. I`ve heard scouts are suspect of Bryant as a third sacker, and see him as best suited to outfield. But 30 dingers!! That`s impressive in a short college season.

Not at third base we don’t…not nearly enough. Still, I agree about Appel #! then Gray. We can always trade for Ian Stewart in a few years🙂

Another day of being teased…..oh for 2015!!!

I just hope the Astros mess up and pick one of the 3 not named Mark Appel…. That guy is going to be special. Idk if Gray is the better pick than the 3Bers…. I would probably pick Bryant second if Astros take Appel

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