5/26 Frustrated Castro tries to get on track

This has not been a good road trip for Starlin Castro. The Cubs shortstop entered Sunday’s game 4-for-21 in the five previous games against the Pirates and Reds, and was batting .265 overall, and .250 this month. That’s not very Castro-like. He grounded out in his first at-bat Sunday, then hit a double to left in the fourth for the first hit off Johnny Cueto.

“I feel really good,” Castro said before the game. “I’m working hard. I know it’ll change. It won’t stay like this for the whole year — I feel too good. They’re pitching me the same. If I keep doing my adjustments, keep staying aggressive, I know it’ll change.”

He began the season well, batting .277 in April with a .420 slugging percentage. This month, he has a .304 slugging percentage, zero home runs and nine RBIs.

“The year, I hit 200 hits, that’s how I feel at home plate,” said Castro, referring to the 2011 season when he totaled 207 hits and batted .307. “Sometimes I feel too rushed and I know that’s not me. I have to be a little more relaxed and let your talent go. I feel good. I know it’s coming. I know I can be all right. I trust myself.”

Dale Sveum has said some of the players need to slow down to improve their approach at the plate.

“That’s one of the points is slow down,” Castro said. “[This has] never happened to me, never, and I get a little frustrated. That’s what I need to do is slow down. It’s not me, and good things don’t happen. I feel good, I have a good swing. Let’s see what happens.”

— Carrie Muskat


How about Sveum HELP him slow down and give Castro a few days off at home plate with Barney at SS and Valbeuna at 2B. None of these players NEED to play every game during a God awful losing season. More stock in correcting issues with some young guys like Castro may be the way to go so he can finish strong and NOT have these issues NEXT season….???? Or a few more “take” signs from the dugout reminding Castro (and others) to be patient and get the pitcher to throw more pitches?

These are apt observations you make, sir. The manager behaves as if we are relevant and need to win every game, when looking down the road and getting these young fellers`minds right should be the primary goal.

Castro spends more time at the plate digging sunflower seeds out of his pocket and jamming them into his mouth than he does paying attention to the count or his hitting.

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