5/26 Fujikawa hurt – UPDATED

Kyuji Fujikawa had to leave Sunday’s game, and may be headed to the DL again. He had some problems with his right forearm and had to come out of the game in the ninth. He’ll be re-examined on Monday in Chicago. Expect a roster move Monday. The Cubs are already short-handed with Shawn Camp on the DL. Blake Parker has been pitching well at Triple-A Iowa, but he’s not on the Cubs’ 40-man roster. Eduardo Sanchez, recently claimed off waivers from the Cardinals, is. There were reports Monday that Sanchez was not with the Iowa team, and could be headed to Chicago.

— Carrie Muskat


Very sorry to hear this. Fuji is a plus in the bullpen. We can’t afford to lose these guys to injuries anymore. Did he come back before fully healed perhaps? By the way, Gregg is fabulous! I feel secure when he is on the mound.

Did not see today`s game, White, but am pleased to hear you are confident in our relatively new closer, Gregg. My God, I thought we were never going to win a game again. It should not be this hard. I saw at one point today on the ESPN crawl that we were behind 4-0, and thought to myself, this game is lost. Then, after my workout at the gym, I climbed into my car and turned on radio to Sportscenter, and learned we won in extras 5-4.

What do we need to do to make winning routine and not a special occasion as was case today? If that time ever arrives, we`ll know we have a sound team.

As for Fugi, I do not comprehend why these athletes are so very fragile. This is their livelihood, playing baseball. Is all they need to concentrate on. To ask them to stay in shape and perform the few times the manager calls on them is not excessive. These are young men in the primes of their lives. Give us a break.

One of the unfortunate things about injuries is that many never completely heal. I remember being thrown against a wall in a hurricane at sea on a ship coming from Europe in the ’50’s. My ribs were injured. While I healed,to this day that area is a

“weak spot”. Any over exertion can bring back twinges of pain. Fugi’s injury may never heal 100percent, Stewart’s wrist may never be fully healed, etc. etc. No matter what great shape they are in, Jhosk, an injury can linger for a long time.

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