5/28 Cubs lineup

Edwin Jackson will start Tuesday in Game 2 of the Cubs-White Sox, four-game, home and road Interleague series. Dioner Navarro is the designated hitter for the Cubs, who must deal with tough lefty Chris Sale. Here’s the lineup:

Borbon CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Ransom 3B
Navarro DH
Barney 2b


Not thrilled with Jackson but can only hope for the best! The guys need to be hitting maniacs again today to offset any bad pitching.

I know it doesn’t matter with this team as on any given day we can get lucky and win, Soriano can get lucky and hit three singles or a game tying home run, Barney get texas league blooper….BUT….so much for Sveum giving thought to foregoing his “platoon” line ups. I get the feeling some payback is headed our way….

GO CUBS! Shirley Purrl has her catnip, I’ve got my chocolate. WE ARE READY!

Well so much for catnip and chocolate prep. Rain delay – I’m sad.

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