5/30 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face Jake Peavy on Thursday at Wrigley Field in the last game of the abbreviated intracity series. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Valbuena 3B
Barney 2B
T. Wood P


I guess Soriano is excluded from the platooning system Sveum loves so much. Well it is practically June so maybe Soriano will now punch the clock and get some work done….I think it may be warm enough for him by now….maybe…. Sweeney can sit back, relax and shake his head.

If hes in the line up, I am hoping he does well. Of course Sveum gets the credit for putting him in the line up, even though, its possible those are his directives from management.
In every job, you have a boss. Even CEO’s have a Board of Directors they answer too. So if Sveum is unhappy putting Soriano in the line up, he has a choice, continue to do so or resign. It is really that simple.

Resign? Why wouldn’t platooning Soriano with Sweeney be a choice? And a decent one at that?
Can you imagine if Sveum platooned Soriano and was fired because he did so? I don’t think so. Sveum has a choice to platoon Soriano and his weak offense just as he does others. Soriano is riding the coattails of some of his previous, better seasons and is only being used because he still has a CHANCE of hitting homeruns. He certainly isn’t being played because of his defense (as Barney is….take away Barnyeys defense and he’s back in AAA) or his high on base percentage. Reality check for Sveum….just because the previous regime acquired Soriano and over paid does not mean he is immune from aging and should be utilized in a more proficient manner. Did Hoystein acquire Sweeney for just a weekly appearance? Don’t think so….

Joey, you know the Cubs are rebuilding. You know that if Soriano gets hot, ( IF??? ) this is the time of year it happens. So, putting those two together, is it possible that Sveum has directives to keep him in the line up ( hoping ) he gets hot increasing his trade value?

His value will not be increased as a platoon player. It is possible the Cubs may get something of value from a contending team, if he gets hot. They may have to pay the rest of his salary, but at this point, who cares? As long as they get something of value in return.

Yeah, Jasper I know that. I also know if the goal is to dump Soriano by crossing one’s fingers hoping he gets “hot” (what’s “hot” for him now-a-days? a three single game?), and then hoping another GM thinks Soriano can ACTUALLY help, and then hoping that GM has an extra bag of balls (think Voldstadt??) lying around he would give up for Soriano….well, THAT is a lot of hoping even for Cubs fans right???? But IF the goal is to dump Soriano I’M ON BOARD. He’s got just a few weeks or so left to get “hot” or it’s hello 2014….ughhhh… I still think Sveum has more options than playing him or resigning.

You are very critical Joey. You constantly bring up the negative in everything. Should it be a trade gamble, like mentioning Volsted. Who cares, it was a gamble and Zambrano is gone.
You have a hate for Soriano, but the bottom line is, he is a Cub, he is in the line up and we are Cub fans.
You throw digs at the Stewart trade. The Cubs needed a 3rd baseman, it didnt work out, who cares? The positive side of that is, at least Colvin and DJ got a chance else where.
There are several guys I would love to see gone!! Rebuilding from the bottom up, at the same time, trying to keep people coming to the ballpark and being semi competitive is not easy, I am sure of that.
It will be another couple years.

I care. I brought up Volstadt to actually confirm a POSITIVE thing and that being we were able to UNLOAD Zambrano for Volstad aka “bag of balls” pointing out the FACT that it IS possible to UNLOAD Soriano. I care. I would hope the FO would be as critical as some of us fans, I am banking on Epstein being so and avoiding another “Soriano contract” like the plague. Also, I do not hate anybody, especially people I don’t know. Nor do I bring up the negative in EVERYTHING, case in point…wow! Wood with a grand slam today, very positive and wonderful that our pitchers are doing their best to offset the lackluster production from our CLEAN UP HITTER SORIANO. Ha! Being a fan does not force one to like any one particular player whether it be because they are lacking in skills (Soriano) or lacking in grace (Bradley). I care.

I just want the Cubs too sweep them! Oh please Cubs! Please! I want to go to school and rub it in every Sox fan that has ever told me something bad about my love for the Cubs! Please!? That’s all Im asking for!!

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